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Dori: Give a big NO to I-1631, the carbon tax

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Initiative 1631 would tax you and me billions of dollars for zero planetary benefit. I’ve gone over the numbers exhaustively in the past, but I’ve shown that if they hit the targets in I-1631, it would make one one-hundredth of one percent difference to our planet.

Remember, the Cato Institute said that Jay Inslee is the worst governor in the nation in terms of taxes and spending. He was ranked 50 out of 50. It’s ironic that Jay Inslee is the worst in the country, since he told you and me on my show that he would not support tax increases. So why would we give billions of dollars to a governor who is rated the worst in taxes and spending for, provably, no planetary benefit?

That is the question that I wish more people would ask. Everyone says, “But we have to do something for the planet.” Then do something. I-1631 does nothing. It’s just a transfer of money from us to them.

I’m not a climate change denier. I think that there will be some incremental changes to our climate, but I don’t know to what extent man plays a role, and neither do the scientists. Remember the litany of absolute predictions about the coming ice age, and then global warming? And when nothing matched up with the predictions, they had to change the wording to “climate change.” The 97 percent consensus has been wrong consistently, for 30 years, on this issue. It’s just a way to control trillions of dollars.

There was a United Nations report that came out two weeks ago. If we want to hit the target in that U.N. report, do you know how much gas would cost? It would be $240 a gallon.

Will there be some incremental changes in our planet’s temperature? Of course there will be. It has happened for millennia. And you know what we will do? We will adapt. That is what mankind always does.

What this cult of climate change is all about is anti-capitalism. Capitalism raises people in second-world countries from abject poverty to at least a life where they’ll have a little bit more. This is an anti-capitalist way to take money away from every investment we make in industrialization. Because of capitalism and industrialization, we have increased our lifespans to 80 years. I’ll tell you what, if they get the global plan in place, it would kill a lot of people in second- and third-world countries.

We can’t start with this nonsense here in Washington and become the first state in the nation with a carbon tax. Vote no on I-1631.

For a full list of my voting recommendations this election, check out KIRO Radio’s Voters Guide.

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