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Dori: Jay Inslee wants billions from us to build national ‘green’ image

Governor Inslee (AP)

Jay Inslee announced his green energy plan Monday morning. He says that it is not a tax, but we all know the truth — he wants another massive tax hike throughout the state because he wants to be president.

Jay Inslee has decided that the way he is going to set himself aside from all of the other Democratic challengers in 2020 and make it to the nomination is to be the “green guy.” Because it worked so well for Al Gore, right? Inslee is going green, and he’s going to make Washington state his little experimental petri dish, so that everyone here can pay massive tax hikes, and then he can tell the rest of the country how environmentally-friendly his state is.

Inslee has raised over $112,000 in his new presidential PAC, so he’s starting to gather the money he needs to run for president. Can you imagine what middle America is going to think if they hear Jay Inslee droning on about this stuff?

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We have done smart things up ’til now … we passed the largest transportation package, and the greenest, in state history, when they can’t build a birdhouse in Washington, D.C.

Wow, Mr. Governor. What are we building so well here? Sound Transit, which is tens of millions of dollars over budget and more than a decade behind schedule? How dare you talk about what they can and can’t do in D.C.? Sound Transit is a fiscal disaster. We have gridlock everywhere. We spend tens of millions on bike lanes, even though bicycle usage is down in the region. So for you to say that we do things better than the other Washington is mind-blowing.

Tell me, Jay Inslee, why do you fly on private jets? Why do we have to spend millions more on your security detail to fly Washington State Patrol officers around the country so you can make a name for yourself? Is that a reasonable expenditure of carbon emissions — so you can develop your political image on your attempt to get to the White House?

Why am I so bullish in the state of Washington? Fundamentally, it’s because of who we are. We are optimistic, can-do people in this state.

Are we, though? Many vote for people just because they have a “D” next to their names. We’ll vote for things that sound good but aren’t good, like Sound Transit. And you’re bullish because people didn’t get swindled by the carbon tax initiative. They recognized how bad of a deal that was. But don’t tell me how brilliant we all are, because we’ve got a lot of dopey voters who put people like you, Jenny Durkan, Kshama Sawant, Mike O’Brien, Patty Murray, and Maria Cantwell in office.

KIRO Radio’s Hanna Scott talked with 42nd Leg. Dist. Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Bellingham) earlier on Monday, who said that Inslee’s goals in this plan are all an excuse to raise taxes. Inslee wants to take us 25 percent below our 1990 greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. And, as I’ve told you, even if we were to hit that goal, it is such a tiny, minuscule percent of global emissions that it will do nothing for the planet. It is simply a way to transfer billions from our wallets to their control in one of the greatest scams of all time.

How much is it going to cost, Governor? You didn’t mention that one time. What is the return on investment? Because if you’re going to spend $100 billion and get a minuscule impact on the environment, that is not a good return on your investment. That is what he needs to show us, but politicians never want to talk about returns on investments.

Then he mentioned the “ash on our cars” again from this past summer. Stop with that nonsense, please. There was ash on our cars because British Columbia, which has a carbon tax and a lot of these other stringent energy policies, had forest fires. End of story.

So this is why Jay Inslee wants to tax us billions of dollars — so he can tell people around the United States that he is the cleanest-energy governor in the country. And by the way — the other greenest Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, just spent $300,000 for private jet service on a cross-country tour to test the campaign waters. These. Guys. Don’t. Care. About. Those. Things. If they cared that deeply about the environment, they would live their lives in a way that was consistent with those concerns, rather than flying around the country on private jets.

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