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Dori: Inslee for president in 2020?

Washington Governor Jay Inslee. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Are you ready for President Inslee? Are you ready for 2020? Jay Inslee could be the next Democratic Party nominee.

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I’ve seen the tea leaves for the last couple of years in everything that Jay Inslee has been doing. Jay Inslee is going to speak at the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Hall of Fame celebration in Altoona. Iowa is where the first presidential caucus is held in an election year. And the fact that Inslee has been tapped to do this is why many people are thinking that he could be gearing up for a run.

This would be a dream come true for Trump if that is the matchup in 2020. Inslee is the Democratic version of Rick Perry. They’re both good looking guys in their 60s who started wearing glasses so they could look smarter. And Trump in the primaries dispatched Rick Perry like you would a bug on your arm.

On MSNBC last week, Inslee made it sound like it’s Xanadu around here right now. How many millions of gallons of raw sewage poured into Puget Sound from Discovery Park last year because Inslee’s dopey party under his buddy Dow Constantine let that treatment plant fall into disrepair? Yet he goes on MSNBC and tells everyone how good our water is.

Has he looked around any of the major cities in his state? Has he seen the tents and tarps on every sidewalk in Seattle? Does he know about the boy who got pricked by a needle at a park in Everett? Does he know that Seattle, of the 20 most populous cities in the country, has by far the worst property crime rate?

Those folks on MSNBC didn’t know any of this because they were all drooling over Inslee. And he is a very handsome man, I’ll give him that. But he completely ignores the fact that we are in shambles when it comes to drug use, property crime, homelessness, bums, and vagrants. That’s what the progressive values have delivered to the Puget Sound area.

I want to do the first unofficial poll; tell me who your vote is for when it’s Jay Inslee versus Donald J. Trump in 2020. Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page, or via our website.

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