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Kshama Sawant files for re-election to Seattle City Council

(AP file photo)

The 2019 race for Seattle’s District 3 seat on the City Council has added another contender — incumbent Kshama Sawant.

So far, there have been three candidates who have filed for District 3, the position held by Councilmember Sawant. As of Jan. 11, Sawant has officially filed to run again for the office. KING 5 reports that an official announcement is slated for next week.

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The 2019 race for Seattle City Council is taking shape, with three council members — Sally Bagshaw, Rob Johnson, and Bruce Harrell — not running for re-election. Some have speculated for months that Sawant would not run again, and possibly was vying for a higher up position, nationally, within her Socialist party.

Currently, the council member faces an ethics complaint after it was discovered her party, Socialist Alternative, controls much of her council office, including hiring and firing and possibly votes. It is not yet known if Seattle’s Ethics Commission will pursue the complaint. It has also been rumored that she has lost portions of union support.

The incumbent faces three other candidates for the District 3 position, including Beto Yarce, Logan Bowers, and Pat Murakami.

Murakami may already be familiar with voters. She ran for District 9 — a citywide seat — in 2017 against Councilmember Lorena González. She was endorsed by The Seattle Times, but lost the election.

Bowers is an entrepreneur who has started a recreational marijuana business in Seattle. He promotes that he will use a data-based approach to balance out the council’s idealistic focus.

Yarce announced his campaign last November. He is a former undocumented immigrant from Mexico who has thrived as an entrepreneur in Seattle, running a jewelry store. He also operates Ventures, a non-profit that helps low-income entrepreneurs.

As of Jan. 14 and according to the city’s elections office:

  • Bowers has received $6,031 in contributions (average $42.40)
  • Murakami has received $3,635 in contributions
  • Sawant submitted $70 upon filing
  • Yarce has raised $2,015 (average $65)


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