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What to expect for the final week of Viadoom

We’re closing in on the final week of Viadoom, and it’s time to make your final preparations.

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For the last week, KIRO Radio Traffic Reporter Chris Sullivan has some advice.

“Stick with your game plan,” he said. “I can say that I’ve noticed more volume through the second week, which means more of you are going back to your regular routines.”

During the first two weeks of Viadoom, everything from transit to water taxis has seen a marked increase in travelers. As our traffic nightmare winds to a close, it’ll be especially important that commuters keep to their altered plans and schedules.

More often than not, the worst commutes during this period have been a direct result of rainy weather. Lucky for us, the forecast for Viadoom’s last week is dry, calling mostly for partly cloudy skies and little, if any, rain.

That can change at the drop of a hat here in the Greater Seattle Area, so don’t take anything for granted.

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