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Dori: Are illegal immigrants responsible for measles outbreak?


The measles outbreak, which now has 35 confirmed cases, has been likely linked to a church in Clark County, according to KOMO 4.

As we know, there are a lot of parents in a celebrity-influenced subculture who believe vaccinations cause autism. Measles were largely eradicated in the U.S. until several years ago, which makes this all the more alarming.

But there is one issue here that nobody is talking about.

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You may remember, a couple of weeks ago we were talking about how Yakima had a record number of homicides in both the city and the county. The sheriff said that he was looking for a common link between the crimes. I had the sheriff on the show and asked how many of the perpetrators and victims were illegal immigrants. They don’t know.

Contacts in Yakima tell me that it’s widely believed there that the high number of murders is because of gang and drug activity, particularly among illegal immigrants. It’s frustrating to me that police want to find a common thread, but they won’t seek out the data that might help them find this common thread, all because of political correctness.

Burien is another example. There were enough signatures on a petition in Burien to give voters the chance to vote on whether or not to become a sanctuary city. The city refused to give the voters a say. What we have seen is that Burien has just gone to seed. Crime is rampant. An innocent woman was hit by a stray bullet while working in her office. Two teenage girls were murdered there a year ago — that crime remains unsolved.

When I talked to the mayor of Burien and asked how much of this is due to illegal immigrants, he said they don’t know — they don’t ask the question.

How can you solve problems if you refuse to even seek out data because of political correctness?

That brings me to this measles outbreak. Let me refer you to a July 2016 New York Times story — not exactly an anti-illegal immigrant news organization. The article talked about the largest measles outbreak in the country for years — which occurred at an immigration detention center in Arizona.

The fact of the matter is, a lot of people who come into this country illegally are not vaccinated for measles. And there are large swaths of the illegal immigrant community who don’t want their kids vaccinated, whether it be due to religion or unfounded fears.

This latest measles outbreak can likely be traced to a church in Vancouver, WA that has a large Russian population. Nobody knows the immigration status of this boy who is patient zero and his parents, because Washington is a declared sanctuary state. They’re not even allowed to ask the question.

This is where reasons of political correctness can lead to disaster. We have to have data. We have to know the source of the murders in Yakima and the rampant gang crime in Burien, and the measles outbreak in Vancouver that is spreading throughout our state.

There is a vacuum of knowledge because we have to be so politically correct that we cannot even ask the question. This is the game that’s being played by Jay Inslee and Jenny Durkan and Dow Constantine, and all of the people who embrace sanctuary policies.

They try telling us that illegal immigrants have a lower crime rate than citizens. How do you know that? You can’t track it. You’re not even allowed to track it. So you just make up data because the facts may not match your social position.

When you have a huge measles outbreak in Arizona at an illegal immigrant detention center, and when you have an immigrant-populated church in Vancouver being ground zero for this, I would like to know if the number of unvaccinated, illegal immigrants coming into this country plays a role in one of the largest outbreaks that we’ve seen in the U.S. years. We have one of the highest populations of illegal immigrants here in Washington. Is it a coincidence?

Do we know for certain? Nope — because they’re not allowed to ask the question. This is where we have politicians who would rather stick their heads in the sand and act like their policies are bulletproof, instead of trying to collect information that would tell us one way or the other. This is another example of leftist political correct policies trumping public safety.

Let’s at least get the data. Let’s at least ask the questions. Let’s see if there’s some connection. I’d like to know — wouldn’t you?

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