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Spady: Howard Schultz and the rise of the Centrist Independent


On this show we have been pushing for the rational opposition with our listeners. Based on the response we’ve had, I think it’s what most of us want. We’re tired of the hate-filled partisanship in our government that isn’t accomplishing anything.

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After I attended the Howard Schultz event last night at The Moore Theater in Seattle, I honestly believe more than I ever have in the ability of those in the middle to start affecting the passionate partisan politics that are currently ruling our country.

You’ve probably heard the outcry from the left begging Schultz to pick a party. They are afraid that running as an independent will steal democratic votes, and put Donald Trump in office for another 4 years.

But when Schultz asked the audience last night: “Is there anyone in this audience who thinks the political two-system party is working for them?”

The consensus in the room was a whole bundle of “no,” and only a single defiant “yes.”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little variety. All the two-party system has done is pit one part of the population against the other. It forces politicians to toe the lines of their party rather than represent us as the elected officials we want them to be.

We are all looking for fiscally responsible, transparent, and accountable leaders that are will respond to us no matter your party. When is the last time you’ve viewed a politician like that, no matter what side of the aisle you’ve decided that you belong to?

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Do you believe the two-party system is working for you? Do you believe the system is so good and so strong that we should keep sending the same politicians from the same parties to do the same work? Or are you interested in seeing what would happen if we had more than two viable candidates for the Oval Office?

I liken this to television. Last night I felt as though I had watched the pilot episode of a new TV show, titled “Howard Schultz: The Rise of the Centrist Independent.” I hate him as much as you do for selling our Sonics, but I think I’d sign this show to a full first season.

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