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Seattle Snow
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KIRO 7 meteorologist Nick Allard talks snow with Dori

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Monday was just the beginning of this year’s bout of Seattle snow — rumors are swirling like snowflakes in the wind that this weekend will bring an even bigger dumping. And according to KIRO 7 meteorologist Nick Allard, the talk is all true.

Unlike other snowstorms that only hit certain areas of the Puget Sound, this one is set to hit everyone.

“Often times, the computer models are like, it could be snowy in Chehalis, it could be snowy in Bellingham — here it’s like, it could be snowy all over,” said Allard, who was last heard on KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show after his flight with the Blue Angels.

So if you’re one of those Puget Sounders who loves nothing more than to sled down one of Seattle’s seven hills or make a snowman, don’t worry.

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“You’ll all have a chance to see snow,” Allard assured snow fans.

The snow will fall in bands around the region. Seattle and Snohomish County will likely begin seeing the first flakes in the early afternoon on Friday.

“You’ll have heavier bands at times, and pockets where it’s a little bit lighter, and it should get heavier as Friday goes on, into Friday night, into early Saturday morning,” Allard said.

When it’s all said and done, this round of snow should bring 3 to 8 inches around the sound, though a few spots may see as much as a foot.

Originally it looked as though there would be more snow Monday and Tuesday, but now “it doesn’t look as widespread as what we originally thought,” Allard said.

Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan Counties will also likely see high winds of around 60 miles per hour on Friday and Saturday.

“I don’t think wind at this point would be an area-wide issue, but there is always that potential,” Allard said.

Dori was as giddy as a kid over the arrival of more Seattle snow, excited to curl up in his living room with “The Americans” on Amazon Prime and watch the snow fall. He could not understand why his listeners complained to him about the snow.

“When it’s 85, 90 degrees, I hear that people demonize that it’s too hot — I love 90-degree weather,” Dori said. “And then when we get snow, I hear people demonize it, and I don’t understand why people decide that extremes are horrible. I love them!”

Allard was glad to hear snow-positivity, but did point out that the first day of extreme weather is always fun and exciting, but as time progresses, the realities and annoyances of dealing with the unusual temperatures set in.

“I can’t win,” Dori said. “The one thing I try to be cheery about on my show, and I get hammered for that.”

Allard had some comfort for Dori.

“Did you know that I went up with the Blue Angels this year?” Allard said.

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