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Dori: Triple killer to be released unless Gov. Inslee overrules parole board

After 42 years behind bars, convicted killer Timothy Pauley, 63, has been approved for release by the Washington Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board.
16 hours ago
Marysville School District...
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Dori: Parent permission for Marysville school clubs becomes `hot button’ over LGTBQ issue

The intent to the proposed policy change, Atchley said, is to assure that parents “have the ability to know where their children are at all times.”
5 days ago
OlyToys, Don Wolph's toy refurbishing business in Olympia....
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Dori: Olympia Toy-Restorer ordered by County to kick disabled friend off his property

Wolph told Dori’s listeners, Thurston County officials have told him he and his wife of 47 years must evict their friend because “she cannot live on my property for more than 30 days.”
6 days ago
Sound Transit employee records video of homeless individuals on light rail. (Jason Rantz/KTTH Radio...
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Dori: The Sound Transit rolling drug den

Onboard: a series of apparently homeless drug addicts, riding the train while smoking various drugs or passed out across the seats.
8 days ago
A ferry and a tanker pass through the Puget Sound near Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market on March ...
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Dori: Internal ferry system memos show PR image more important than service

The Washington State Ferry System preemptively slashed sailings rather than face ongoing negative publicity for possible service disruptions.
9 days ago
Bus driver Treva White   in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)...
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Dori: Metro driver worries about bus passengers’ exposure to secondhand drug smoke

How much secondhand smoke from drug users riding Metro Transit buses is too much? It’s something 22-year driver worries about for his passengers.
13 days ago
Marc Valladolid (Dori Monson Show)...
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Dori: Mother of slain son believes justice system for teens ‘doesn’t make much sense’

The mother of a 22-year-old man shot and killed in Renton said she is nervously anticipating a court ruling involving the 14-year-old accused shooter.
14 days ago
Dennis Brown and his son, Jordan (Dori Monson Show)...
Dori Monson Show

Dori: Pot shop victim’s dad says judge’s decision ‘set in motion’ the killing

The father of a slain cannabis store worker said the hours leading up to his son’s killing were an otherwise “wonderful” day with a stroll down memory lane.
15 days ago
(KIRO 7 News)...
MyNorthwest Staff

Dori: Seattle Parks and Recreation most recent victim to rising vandalism, graffiti incidents

"You Sweep, We Strike" was tagged alongside a series of damages toward the Seattle Parks and Recreation office building downtown.
16 days ago
(Flickr Creative Commons)...
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Dori: Taxpayers on bigger hook after Sound Transit makes fare evasion even easier

With already lax enforcement on rider fares and blatant disregard for paying fares running rampant throughout the region, Thursday night action by the Sound Transit Board will make it even easier to avoid paying fares.
17 days ago
(Photo Illustration by Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)...
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Dori: Was Twitter shadow-banning you – or me?

It took 12 years to get 19,000 Twitter followers. It took just three days to get 1,500 more. My numbers were small in comparison.
18 days ago
(Photo by Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images)...
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Dori: Controversy erupts for Seattle youth summer swim league and transgender kids

As nearly 2,000 young swimmers from Woodway to Federal Way prepare for the plunge into outdoor swim season, some of the adults who manage their Greater Seattle Summer Swim League (GSSSL) are recommending the league allow biologically male swimmers who identify as transgender to compete in girls’ divisions.
21 days ago
mark mullet...
MyNorthwest Staff

Dori: State Senator on the fence over supporting a potential Biden reelection

There's no guarantee State Senator Mark Mullet will support President Biden if he runs for reelection in 2024, despite quickly swearing allegiance to his 2020 campaign.
22 days ago
Olympic National Park rescue...
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Dori: Fire chief describes `yucky situation’ rescuing hiker who fell into pit toilet

Accidentally dropping her cell phone into an 8-foot-deep vault toilet was only the start to one California woman’s troubles while hiking in Washington’s Olympic National Forest earlier this week
25 days ago
restorative justice, felons voting rights...
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Dori: Male prisoners are identifying as transgender for access to ‘easier’ women’s facility

“They are bringing biological males who claim to identify as females and putting them into the women's prison,” former state DOC officer Scott Fleming confirmed to Dori Thursday. “All that they have to claim is that they identify as a female.”
25 days ago
(KIRO 7)...
Dori Monson Show

Dori: Seattle rejected volunteer group’s offer to help with city’s ‘Day of Service’

Seattle rejects non-profit organization WeHeartSeattle's offer for "Clean City Streets For A Day" Campaign.
27 days ago
(The Dori Monson Show)...
Dori Monson

Dori: Repeat offender on ‘house arrest’ while his victim’s family deliberates medical life support

Less than a month after a repeat offender allegedly mangled a Kent man’s car, leaving the victim paralyzed and comatose, the victim’s family must now decide whether to allow doctors to remove him from medical life support.
27 days ago
(Flickr Creative Commons)...
Dori Monson Show

Dori: ‘Raging inconsistencies’ among local fire departments’ vaccine policies

While six King County firefighters are terminated over the COVID vaccine mandate, other departments are looking to bring their employees back.
28 days ago
Dori Monson

Dori: Mandate defiant Chehalis restaurant owner claims LCB agents recently raided Mackinaw’s

The owner of a Lewis County restaurant is facing even greater penalties after she says 10 Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) agents raided her business last week.
29 days ago
Kirkland hotel, La Quinta Inn...
Dori Monson

Dori: Lawyer for Kirkland neighbors calls King County’s homeless hotel purchase ‘absurd’

King County pays an above-market asking rate for subsidized housing in a former La Quinta Inn & Suites in Kirkland.
1 month ago
Dori Monson

Dori: Why does Inslee refuse to give up his state emergency powers?

As of this month, Washington’s Jay Inslee (D) remains one of three state leaders in the United States to retain gubernatorial emergency powers with no end in sight.
1 month ago
King County sheriff...
Dori Monson

Dori: Constantine, leftists on King County Council are obsessed with race in sheriff appointment

Finalists for King County's next sheriff are in the hands of leftists in King County government who are obsessed with race.
1 month ago
Dori Monson

Dori: My hero from the Greatest Generation, Phil Sulman, has died – but his stories live on

Phil Sulman, 97, – Seattle’s 1943 all-city track champion, humble World War II U.S. Army veteran, and proud Bellevue father and husband – has passed on.
1 month ago
Bob Ferguson...
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Dori: Ukrainian-American paralegal fired over vaccine mandate says Ferguson ‘discarded us like garbage’

Ukrainian-American Natalia Corduneanu on being fired by AG Bob Ferguson for her refusal to follow his COVID vaccine mandate.
1 month ago
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