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Dori Monson

  • Edmonds teen battling cancer an inspiration to family, friends, and an Olympian

    Edmonds-Woodway High School student Emily Hood is facing what no teenager should have to deal with: an inoperable tumor on her brain stem, but her strength in coping has been an inspiration to her family and the community. Wrestling has been a big part of that.
  • inslee

    Gov. Inslee owes us an explanation, apology for a deputy’s murder

    Now we have a dead cop directly connected to illegal immigrants in Washington. We have confirmation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Oliver North

    NRA President Oliver North on Washington state’s gun laws

    NRA President and retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North stopped by the Dori Monson show Wednesday to talk about the 2020 field of Democratic presidential candidates, and to go over new gun laws in Washington state.
  • seattle city council

    Public commenter ignored by Seattle City Council speaks out

    At a recent city council, Richard Schwartz hoped at the very least to get the councimembers' attention during his brief 120 seconds of public comment. But he was struck by how little attention was accorded him, and joined Dori Monson to discuss it.
  • Seattle store owner tackles gun-wielding guitar thief

    Jay Boone, longtime owner of Emerald City Guitars in Pioneer Square, told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson that he's tired of the crime in Seattle. He was recently assaulted behind J&M Cafe.
  • school

    Tacoma Teacher Mike Jankanish responds to op-ed criticism

    Tacoma school teacher Mike Jankanish argues that diversity education runs counter to historic American ideals -- that out of many come one. He's been called a racist for his opinion.
  • homeless

    Dori: Homeless burrowing under I-5 is a failure of our politicians

    As homeless uproot bricks and tunnel under I-5, our local government is failing us at every level.
  • McCartney

    How a Seattle fraternity duped broadcaster Pat O’Day

    Legendary Seattle broadcaster Pat O'Day got into a bit of trouble with Paul McCartney in the mid-'60s.
  • feedback

    Dori Monson’s Feedback Friday: Dori, stop propagating infanticide information

    Why is Dori being called out for his take on the infanticide bill and his denunciation of public school propaganda? Find out in this week's Feedback Friday.
  • carbon tax

    Dori: Low-carbon fuel standard hurts working-class families

    The Washington State House of Representatives just passed a low carbon fuel standard that could cost you an extra 16 cents per gallon at the pump.

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