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Dori Monson

  • NRA

    NRA, Second Amendment Foundation suing WA over I-1639

    NRA President and former Fox News host Lt. Col. Oliver North tells KIRO Radio's Dori Monson why the NRA finds I-1639 unconstitutional and just plain confusing.
  • Gascoigne Lumber

    Local lumber company moving after devastating Queen Anne fire

    Dave Gascoigne speaks about the 4-alarm fire that ripped through his family's longtime business, Gascoigne Lumber Company, and was declared an arson by the Seattle Fire Department.
  • Seattle mayor, Navigation Team, Mayor Murray, sweeps

    Dori: City cutting navigation team proves homelessness is an industry

    Why would the City of Seattle cut the budget and staff of the navigation team, the group that goes out and offers services to the homeless? Because homelessness is a huge industry for the city.
  • Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff

    Legislator calls for Sound Transit to reject pay raise for CEO Peter Rogoff

    A state legislator wants Sound Transit to reject a contract that would give CEO Peter Rogoff $425,00 in salary and benefits and allow him to remain head of the transit agency for a potential six more years.
  • Seattle police

    David Boze: Good news that Seattle police contract makes firing cops harder

    Seattle police finally have a new contract. Activists are mad that it will be more difficult to fire police officers, but they aren't stopping to realize just how difficult an officer's job is every single day.
  • David Boze: ‘Tolerant’ Seattleites bully Christopher Rufo out of council race

    Christopher Rufo started a council campaign to give Ballard residents an alternative to the status quo. Now the people who claim to be the most tolerant have prevented free speech by forcing Rufo out of the race with threats of sexual violence and racist insults against his family members.
  • Burien

    Dori: Politicians who tout sanctuary city status ignore crucial data

    Our politicians tout sanctuary city status as the best thing since sliced bread, but when it comes to heeding evidence of sanctuary status being dangerous, they simply turn a blind eye.
  • Dori debates: Should employees be penalized for smoking?

    Should employers follow the lead of a company in Japan and give rewards to employees for not smoking? Dori has an even more radical idea - take vacation days away from smokers to make up for all the time spent on cigarette breaks.
  • sawant, head tax

    Dori: Amazon is escaping Sawant — only to face Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Amazon is escaping the screams of Kshama Sawant with its new HQ2, but running headlong into the congressional district of Sawant's East Coast equivalent, Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  • Dori: Seattleites who replace God with government are 180 degrees from our founding principles

    In Seattle, one of the most irreligious cities in the country, people seem to look to government in place of God. That mentality goes completely against our Founding Fathers' values, and it will also come back to hurt these people who put all of their faith in politicians.
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