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tobacco, smoking ban
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  • tobacco, smoking ban

    Dori: Politicians would rather buy votes than prevent cancer

    The American Cancer Society gave Washington an F when it comes to tobacco-related cancer prevention. Dori points out that politicians are only spending a small fraction of the dollars they promised they would fighting tobacco companies.
  • road rage

    Woman saves her own life during road rage attack on I-5

    A road rage incident turned into a 24-year-old woman's fight for her life.
  • tractor stolen

    $30K tractor stolen from veterans building dream house

    A family building its dream home had a brand-new, $30,000 tractor stolen from the building site overnight.
  • Montesano attack

    Montesano woman furious alleged attacker walks free

    The man charged with May's Montesano attack on a 21-year-old woman was found not guilty of attempted kidnapping and assault. Now the attack survivor says she lives in fear that he will be free to hurt her again.
  • driver's license

    Dori: Thanks to illegal immigrants, you now need an enhanced driver’s license to fly

    Washington residents will soon need an enhanced driver's license to get through airport security. Dori questions why citizens are hit with the higher price tags to prove their legitimacy, while illegal immigrants can continue using the less-expensive regular licenses.
  • empty nest

    Listeners give Ursula advice for empty nest syndrome

    As her youngest son heads off to college, Ursula is feeling sad about having an empty nest. Listeners call in to offer her advice.
  • Seahawks

    The Stranger’s Katie Herzog calls for Seattle to get rid of the Seahawks

    Katie Herzog, a writer at The Stranger, argues that if Seattleites really want to call themselves "Progressive," they should turn their backs on the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Craigslist post

    Stolen bicycle from Craigslist ad found in U-District homeless camp

    The stolen bicycle from Dori's favorite Craigslist post was found at a homeless camp in the U-District.
  • Kim Schrier

    Dori: How dare Dr. Kim Schrier compare campaigning to fighting in World War II?

    Congressional candidate Kim Schrier had the audacity to compare running for office in the Trump presidency to fighting in World War II.
  • Manweller, supreme court

    Rep. Matt Manweller to file lawsuit against CWU over termination

    Rep. Matt Manweller (R-Ellensburg) discusses the lawsuit he is filing against Central Washington University after his teaching position was terminated following sexual harassment investigations.
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