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Dori: Seattle snowstorm panic shopping a result of socialism

Snow plows on Aurora. (Seattle DOT)

People were like zombies out there panic-buying before the Seattle snowstorm, and I have a theory as to why.

I saw the people in the ridiculously long lines at Albertson’s Friday morning. There is a huge factor why everyone is in a tizzy over some snow.

This is a Seattle issue. Socialism brings a lack of self-sufficiency. We have so many people who have decided to rely on government for every aspect of their lives. “Government will provide me the wage I need, they’ll provide me free community college, they’ll take stuff from the guy who is more successful and give it to me because I deserve it.”

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Then when we get a little snow, those people who rely on government for everything in their life have to be self-sufficient for a day or two. They can’t handle it.

What is going to happen if the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake hits, and infrastructure is down for weeks? People will have to learn to be the tiniest bit self-sufficient. You’ve got to prepare and plan and have enough groceries in your house for weeks. But I don’t have much hope for people who rely on other entities for their alpha and omega.

This is not an earthquake or volcano eruption. It is something cool and wonderful and beautiful. Calm down and stop the Seattle snowstorm freak-out — let’s enjoy the snow, because it sure doesn’t come very often. Go sledding down a hill. Throw some snowballs. Build a snowman. Curl up by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snowflakes fall. Enjoy the snow for what it is and don’t throw a fit over it.

Oh, and to address the flaw in my socialism/snow panic theory, pointed out by Ursula — I haven’t begun to figure out why grocery store shelves are also empty in more conservative areas like Duvall and Yelm, but I will figure it out. What I am sure of is that all of our listeners are doing fine — you’re all smart enough to be prepared.

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