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Rantz: Gov. Inslee to use snow, National Guard for presidential political gain


Absentee Governor Jay Inslee managed to make it to a press event Monday having to do with a statewide issue, but only so he can pretend to be a leader ahead of his inevitably doomed presidential campaign.

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Inslee’s presidential campaign will focus on climate change — a losing issue for both parties, since most voters don’t cast ballots based on this issue — even though he has no meaningful legislative wins to show for his commitment to the environment.

But now he has a storm to exploit and, reading between the lines of one of his comments at a Monday press conference, you can see the narrative he’s setting up.

We’re been experiencing some significant snow, though luckily not nearly as significant as some alarmists claim. It’s significant for Western Washington since we get this type of snow so infrequently. People stayed home, drove slower, and postponed appointments, like we’re supposed to do.

But Inslee, who wants to campaign with a message that we must act now to tackle climate issues, made a rather bizarre statement Monday.

“I just had a briefing this morning with our National Guard,” Inslee explained. “So far there have not been any requests from local communities. And the way this works, if local communities ask for assistance, then the National Guard can come in. We stand ready, willing and able to respond to those types of things.”

To be clear, reporters asked him for a comment. But you could almost see, in real time, the dim light going off in his head that he has a future talking point.

How much do you want to bet that, during his campaign, he’ll argue that climate change has gotten so significant, that he almost had to bring in the National Guard to deal with a significant snow storm?

He’s sounding the environmental alarm, and considering the National Guard shows you just how serious it is!

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The whole idea of needing the National Guard to deal with this snow is, of course, absurd. But will a voter in New Hampshire or Iowa realize that, or will they assume it was as bad as Inslee pretended?

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