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Seattle entrepreneur: Jordan Frager with Stone N’ Seed wearable art

Once a week on the Saul Spady Show we highlight brave young members of our community who have decided to start their own businesses. We call it the “entrepreneur of the week.”

So far we have hosted Ryan Strandin with Bucha Belly Kombucha, Emi Thylin of Seattle Strong Cold Brew, and Jake Director with Strideline Socks. This week we had a different type of entrepreneur — Jordan Frager with Stone N’ Seed wearable art.

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Jordan forages the beautiful Puget Sound region for rocks, stones, and minerals. He sets them into scavenged pieces of wood and shapes them into different types of jewelry.

“This is a very mineral rich state and if you do good research and you look in the right direction you will probably find something,” he said.

Jordan took what was a hobby and turned it into a profitable business. Like most entrepreneurs, he had a desire to be his own boss.

“I have always wanted to work for myself just because I felt like doing my own thing gave me the gratification I was looking for. Carving stones and setting them into wood has given me a liberation that is hard to describe.”

Most entrepreneurs face the difficult decision to ditch the standard hourly wage or salaried job to put their future in their own hands. These entrepreneurs have to have the confidence in their business idea and in themselves to commit to their plan. For others like Jordan, the business idea can find them. It can be born of something they already have a passion for.

“I actually just started doing it because I loved it,” Jordan said. “The reactions from people being so taken aback by this art form inspired me to really go further into it and make it a full time thing. I honestly expected it to be a part-time hustle at first, but I became so busy right off the bat that I didn’t have much choice but to put every bit of effort into it.”

All of our entrepreneurs are proof that millennials aren’t just playing video games in their parent’s basements. We are a hard working generation that is out there discovering services that consumers can get behind. They are making you more comfortable socks. They are delivering your morning cup of coffee to doorsteps so that you don’t have to wait in a ridiculous drive-thru line at Starbucks. They are manufacturing delicious beverages that haven’t been sitting on store shelves waiting for their impending expiration date. They are connecting us to our geography with wearable art.

Every week we want to find another one of these remarkable capitalists who have risked everything to make a living creating new products for us to enjoy. They are working long hours, seven days a week, wearing several different hats, just to get their businesses off the ground. Let’s praise these people. Let’s help support our region.

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