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New tunnel signs to warn drivers of game-day traffic


KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross will be warned the next time he tries to leave the Seattle opera, then head home through the SR 99 tunnel in Seattle just as an event is letting out in the stadium district.

Last time, he wasn’t aware and ended up taking a lengthy detour after running into Seattle police officers re-routing traffic.

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The City of Seattle has decided to add new signs along the corridor to help drivers navigate the post-game traffic. Ross complained there was no warning that access to I-90 from the SR 99 tunnel would be eliminated at the end of games.

He was using the tunnel from Seattle Center to access I-90 via the tunnel last month. His drive coincided with the end of a Sounders’ match. When he exited at Dearborn to access I-90 via Edgar Martinez Way, he was diverted by Seattle police. There was no indication for drivers that the access was restricted.

That should not happen for today’s home opener for the Mariners and any future events. Variable message signs will go active for potential tunnel drivers near the end of games warning drivers of the potential detour.

The signs will say “traffic rerouted on the South Atlantic exit – for I-90/I-5 use other routes.” That will be displayed on four message signs to give drivers a chance to make a different decision. They are located at westbound Mercer Street at Terry, eastbound Mercer Street at 6th Avenue, southbound 99 at Ward and southbound 99 at Lander.

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