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Pierce County homeless
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Pierce County report identifies 1,486 people experiencing homelessness

(KIRO 7)

More than 300 volunteers and county staff conducted Pierce County’s annual point in time (PIT) count, identifying 1,486 people experiencing homelessness in the community. This number represents a 9 percent decrease when compared to the 2018 count.

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Volunteers found 629 unsheltered people and 857 people were housed in shelters or transitional housing units.

The PIT count of people experiencing homelessness is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Washington State Department of Housing. The count aims to give communities a data source that allows them to better understand the causes of homelessness in their areas and what programs and services can be provided to help those individuals.

In addition to conducting the survey, staff members also distributed food, hygiene and clothing donations.

While the PIT count only represents one night, the county’s Homeless Management Information System identified at least 10,860 people experiencing homeless over the last 12 months. During that same time, 4,000 people secured permanent housing.

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