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Doug Baldwin
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Gee: How Doug Baldwin changed my life and influenced my family

(Courtesy of Gee Scott)

Truth: If not for Doug Baldwin, and his commitment to be great at his craft, my family wouldn’t be where it is today.

There are other players that I could highlight, but right now I want to talk about Doug. I was driving into work this morning, thinking about all of the conversations that we have had over the years. There was the time when he told me that if I got into radio, he would help me anyway that he could.

Or the time when my son was in 8th grade, and he told me to bring him in so that he could work with him. Doug helped my son on the field and even watched video of his games to provide advice.

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Yes, I’ve worked hard over the years, but I’ve been very lucky. I know that. I was working hard while being lucky to clean cars for young men who were so committed to what they did that they won a Super Bowl. They motivated the car wash guy to do more with his life.

There’s no way that my son would be heading to the Ohio State to play football without the inspiration to be great — an example set by them.

I was cleaning Seahawks players’ vehicles for nine years before Doug came along. But three years after meeting him, and others, my life changed.

Point is — I’m grateful. And I pray to be committed enough to something to help another family out the same way Doug Baldwin helped out mine.

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