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Cops raid drug-dealing encampment operations in Seattle

Seattle police arrested 10 people and took in an array of evidence when officers raided encampments in Pioneer Square and the International District Wednesday. Police say the criminal operations were part of “predatory drug dealing and behavior” and were supplied by three primary residences in the city.

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The Seattle Police Department reports that officers collected evidence ranging from weapons, cash, and drugs:

Real and fake firearms. Knives, machetes and a sword. Stolen purses, tablets, cell phones, watches, clothing, and perfume. Over $20,000 in cash. And drugs. Nearly a pound of crack cocaine, plus varying quantities of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and pills.

Seattle detectives with the major crimes task force teamed up with bike cops, SWAT, K9 units and other anti-crime team officers. Warrants were served at two tent encampment locations, and three residences. There are two separate cases involved with the encampment busts. Police believe residences were used as bases of operations, which then used the camps to deal drugs and peddle stolen property. It is not believed that the two operations are connected to each other.

Case 1: 2nd Avenue South / two apartments

Warrants were served to encampments at 2nd Avenue South and South Washington Street. Also, at an apartment in South Seattle, and another apartment at 6th Avenue South and South Washington Street. Six people were arrested between these three locations.

Drugs, cash, weapons, and electronics were among the evidence taken at these locations.

Case 2: Dearborn Street / Beacon Hill

Another two tent encampments were served warrants at 10th Avenue South and South Dearborn Street. These encampments were allegedly being supplied by a house in the 3000 block of Beacon Avenue South, where police also served a search warrant. Four people were arrested between the Dearborn Street and Beacon Hill locations.

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Weapons and drugs were among the evidence taken at these locations.

SPD notes that all the encampments were part of “predatory” operations.

While there are those who profit from intimidation and predatory behavior, there are many others that suffer because of it. Officers and detectives worked closely with members of the Navigation Team to ensure that homeless individuals living near these criminal enterprises were provided outreach services and referrals to shelter.

More arrests are possible as the investigation into the encampments continues. No charges have been filed yet.

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