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Challenge: What would you put in a Space Needle time capsule?

When Space Needle renovation crews uncovered a long forgotten time capsule in 2017, it came as a pleasant surprise. There were letters, photos, and sketches of the iconic Seattle attraction.

There was only one question left after it was discovered: What should go in the next time capsule? KIRO Nights has a few ideas.

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“I would include some piece of technology,” Aaron said. “Imagine opening a time capsule from 1989 and there’s a Gameboy in there, and we’re sitting here with our iPhones doing crazy stuff. So I’d probably put in an Apple watch, or something that is considered top of the line and cutting edge.”

“I would put in an entire fit – an outfit,” Gee said. “Head to toe. I would lay it out on the bed. I would start with a time piece, one of my favorite, go-to watches. Then my best pair of shoes. And my best belt. I’m talking about dressing to the nines. I’d put that in there and in 43 years, I want somebody to take that out, put it on, and walk down the street and say ‘This is what they were looking like 43 years ago.’”

A new time capsule will be placed in the Space Needle, slated to be opened on April 21, 2062. Curbed reports that a few items have already been set aside for it: A signed Pearl Jam poster with messages from the band; a share of Amazon stock; some forever stamps; and a Super Bowl prediction from former Seahawk Walter Jones.

But Space Needle officials are asking the public for ideas for additional contributions to the time capsule. According to the time capsule contest page:

Six winners will be selected to add their own items to a 3x3x3 inch mini time capsule, which will be put into our 2062 time capsule.

Submit ideas here.

What to put in a Space Needle time capsule?

Asking around the offices at KIRO Radio and KTTH in Seattle, ideas vary, and might not fit in a 3x3x3 inch box.

Dave Ross, KIRO Radio: I think we should put in one of those free copies of Seattle apartments for rent, so people can see exactly how much it cost to live here.

Michael Medved, KTTH: A panoramic photograph of the historic Fort Lawton site in Discovery Park before it is irretrievably trashed by current plans to locate “low income housing” on the premises.

Chris Sullivan, traffic reporter: Maybe a ripped blue tarp. A couple heroin needles. And probably a cop so we can say “Hey, back in the day, we used to have people enforcing the laws. Because I’m sure with cops leaving in droves…”

Hanna Scott, KIRO Radio reporter: An Alexa. Or a review of the final Game of Thrones season. For a more local flavor, a pic of the 5-Point [Cafe]. I also like the idea of putting some newspapers in there. Right now, we still have newspapers, but for how long?

Daron Casey, KTTH producer: How big is it? Could it fit a LimeBike?

Jason Rantz, KTTH: I’d include the blog post I write of Kshama Sawant’s inevitable defeat or over-due retirement from politics … and a locket of my incredible hair.

Candy Harper, KIRO Radio: A Seattle rental agreement so you see how much the astronomical rent is, and the unique amendments like 100 percent smoke-free environment including marijuana, extra dog amenities, and outlining Uber pick up areas.

Jillian Raftery, KIRO Radio: Definitely a bottle of wine that will age well. Nothing is better than being surprised with a good drink.

Todd Herman, KIRO Radio: A collection of one day’s worth of spent heroin needles from public parks in Seattle with a series of headlines explaining all is well in the Emerald City.

Nick Bowman, MyNorthwest: Whiskey from local distilleries, like Westland, Copperworks, and Oola. Show the Seattleites of the future that we know our way around fine, aged spirits.

Chason Gordon, MyNorthwest: I would put in a mini Space needle.

Stephanie Klein, MyNorthwest: A gallon of milk.

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