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Prison drug conspiracy thwarted after inmate allegedly used jail phone to plan it

One suspect is already in jail, and another is still at large after they learned an important lesson: Don’t plan a drug conspiracy while talking on a prison phone which police listen to.

The Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Team reports that a conspiracy to sneak illegal drugs into the Clallam County Corrections Facility was uncovered and thwarted. The plan was uncovered through listening to phone calls from the jail.

An investigation was launched.

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Detectives listened to phone calls with inmate Jason J. Roy, 47, and allegedly heard him discussing a plan to get 10 grams of heroin, a fentanyl patch, chewing tobacco, and other items into the jail. The phone calls were reportedly with his girlfriend, Stephanie D. Dawkins, 32. The alleged plan was for Dawkins to drop the drugs off at a location where Roy had access to outside the prison.

On May 13, drugs and paraphernalia were discovered by deputies on the ground near the Clallam County Chain Gang trailer.

Along with the Elwa Police Department, a search warrant was issued to a residence where Dawkins was known to live. Two other men were found there and were arrested on other charges. Guy L. Charles, 54, was arrested for an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant. Markus K. Barros was arrested for possession of heroin.

Roy is still in jail, but now faces three new charges for conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance.

Dawkins has not been located and remains at large. Detectives allege that probable cause exists for three charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance for Dawkins.

Stephanie Dawkins.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help finding Dawkins. Any information can be called into the sheriff’s dispatch at 360-417-2459.

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