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This week’s hot weather could shatter records across Puget Sound

It's going to be a hot one today. These folks have the right idea. (MyNorthwest, Stephanie Klein)

After a weekend of rain and intermittent clouds, hot, sunny weather is arriving in the Puget Sound region this week, possibly breaking records up and down Western Washington.

Temperatures around 30 degrees higher than normal are expected in the western portion of the state this week.

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“We are expecting nearly 30 degrees above normal on the west side (of the Cascades) on Wednesday,” said Josh Clark, a meteorologist with the Department of Natural Resources. “So it is going to be significantly hot and dry.”

Clark further notes that most western areas of the state, along the coast, have the most severe drought conditions, not only in Washington, but the western United States.

Warm weather comes as part of a full-on West Coast heat wave, extending from Washington all the way down to Arizona. That has Seattle highs for Tuesday and Wednesday at 84 and 86 degrees respectively, the latter of which would represent a new record high for the day.

Records could break across the state as well, with Wednesday highs for both Everett and Olympia also currently above the record high for that day.

The National Weather Service warns of a “moderate heat risk” on Wednesday for those sensitive to warm weather.

KIRO 7 TV meteorologist Claire Anderson notes that “onshore flow will cut the heat down by Thursday.” Even with that, though, highs for the next 10 days in Seattle are all above 73 degrees. All that is backed up by the most recent 30-day forecast from the NWS, calling for a 33 to 40 percent chance of above-average temperatures in the month of June. That, and a handful of other factors have had state officials concerned that wildfires this summer will be especially prevalent.

Eastern Washington temperatures will be even higher than the western side of the state – 85 to 90 degrees with relatively low humidity over the next few days. On top of that, heavier winds are expected on Monday, with around 25-35 mph gusts.

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