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homeless, immigrant legal defense fund
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Dori: Why are our taxes funding (illegal) Immigrant Legal Defense Network?

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and King County Executive Dow Constantine shake hands after signing an agreement to centralize homeless services between the two governments in 2018. (KIRO 7)

While the Seattle Police Department is still dramatically short of officers, Dow Constantine and Jenny Durkan announced that they have found an extra $5.6 million for a very important purpose. Is it to hire new cops? No — it’s to pay the attorney costs for illegal immigrants through the Expanded Seattle-King County Immigrant Legal Defense Network.

When Seattle and King County established the Immigrant Legal Defense Network two years ago, they said that since Trump is being mean to illegal immigrants — liberal-speak for “enforcing the law” — we are going to show our compassion and inclusiveness by paying for their legal defense. So it’s a legal defense fund for people here illegally. Sure, that makes sense.

Since then, they have spent almost $2 million in taxpayer funds and now they want $5.6 million more. Politicians want to make certain that after they sneak into our country illegally, they will have an anchor baby in the Puget Sound — a future progressive voter for life, who will continue to vote for the likes of Dow Constantine, Jenny Durkan, and Jay Inslee.

What a grand prioritization of tax dollars.

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And Seattle is certainly getting on the socialists’ radar. Bernie Sanders just sent out this Tweet today.

Hey, Bernie — we had a lot of homeless drug addicts long before the head tax was ever brought up. The defeat of that tax didn’t lead to more homeless people on our streets. It is complete whack-job politics that have led to more homeless people on our streets.

And of course, next to the whack-job politics, the lack of cops is contributing to the homelessness, drugs, and crime on our streets. But as long as we continue to put millions toward the Immigrant Legal Defense Network instead of toward our police department, nothing will change.

A couple of weeks ago, an illegal immigrant tried to abduct a 14-year-old girl. A couple of months ago, an illegal immigrant murdered a sheriff’s deputy in Kittitas County. We have become a magnet destination for illegal immigrants with a criminal record who want protection.

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