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‘Get Weed’ billboard gets unrelated Tumwater auto shop boycotted

Randy and Robert Fox in front of their auto shop Integrity Car Care on Black Lake Boulevard in Tumwater, Wash. (Courtesy photo)

Controversy erupted over a car repair shop in Tumwater this week. High above the shop stands a billboard for a marijuana business stating “Get Weed.” This prompted the local community to start a boycott.

One problem however – the shop doesn’t own, nor does it have anything to do with the billboard.

Integrity Car Care sits on Black Lake Boulevard Southwest. Brothers Randy and Robert Fox have been doing business there for 13 years. The advertiser who owns the billboard is Lamar Advertising – a company with no relation to the auto shop.

“This isn’t the first time that the billboard has been put up there,” Robert Fox told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “It has been rotated in and out on the billboard probably 10 or more times and we haven’t heard anything. And all of a sudden we get an anonymous letter from a concerned citizen, threatening a boycott and they already have 75 signatures.”

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The cannabis shop the billboard is advertising for, Bud Commander, also has no relation to the garage. In fact, the “Get Weed” ad above the auto shop is just one of many identical ads plastered on billboards throughout the region.


It seems, however, that neighbors did not attempt to learn any of this information, or even take the simple step to talk with Randy and Robert. Instead, they got an anonymous letter threatening a boycott. By the time KIRO 7 reported on the story Thursday, the letter stated they had 75 signatures on a boycott petition.

“Just the letter, that’s it, no words,” Robert said, noting that he’s certain that if there was a significant opposition to the billboard, they would have heard something before.

“Everybody that comes in here are regulars, and we get new people all the time from this area stopping in and getting work done,” he said. “And the most I’ve ever heard is a giggle from the folks who read the sign.”

Randy read the letter on the Jason Rantz Show:

As residents of the Black Lake area, we are disturbed by the billboard on your property which states ‘Get Weed.’ For your information we are circulating a petition to boycott your business as long as the billboard remains. During this effort we have realized that we are not alone in our opinion and have been pleased to discover that a majority of people share our viewpoint. So far we have gathered 75 signatures from unhappy residents and concerned parents and our effort will continue. Promotion and provocation of drugs has its costs. Sincerely, Black Lake resident.

Despite the threatening tone of the letter, Randy is not too concerned. He says he knows his regulars. Besides that, he stands behind the right to run a small business.

“You know what, Jason, the citizens of this state legalized marijuana several years ago,” Randy said. “This gentleman is running a legal, licensed business and he has the right to advertise that business.”

David Moore who owns Bud Commander told KIRO 7 that if the billboard causes the shop any grief, he will request to have it moved. But the brothers say they’ve sent an email over to Moore telling him not to worry about moving the ad.

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