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Dori: Thanks to sanctuary state policy, double-rapist could re-attack victim

Convicted rapist Francisco Carranza-Ramirez allegedly re-attacked his victim after being released from jail. (KIRO 7 TV)

Our top story today is absolutely horrifying, and another example of the complete failure of our governor, attorney general, and the King County Prosecutor’s Office — but most especially, the complete failure of sanctuary state policy. When a rapist is walking free to attack the woman he has already raped twice — a woman who is confined to a wheelchair — I’d say our entire system is pretty broken.

My friend David Rose at Q13 News tipped me off to this story. A White Center woman went to a restaurant with her son last fall when a man named Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, who is presumed to be homeless, sat at her table, making her uncomfortable, and gave her a ride home.

“Once he got her back to her apartment, he invited himself inside. And while the child was there as well — and at this time the child was around 1 year old — he raped the victim there in her own apartment,” King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott told me.

A few days later, Carranza-Ramirez allegedly returned to her apartment, knocked her out of her wheelchair, and raped her again, while she was on the phone with 911.

“She was afraid for her child, like anybody would be, and she was also afraid for her own safety,” Abbott said. “She didn’t know what this suspect was capable of doing.”

Why are our taxes funding (illegal) immigrant defense network? 

At that time, King County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the suspect. He was convicted of third-degree rape and spent nine months in jail, which apparently is typical.

“In our state, in my opinion, our laws are not tough enough on sentencing,” Rose told me. “A sentencing range for a third-degree rape is six to 12 months, that’s it … that is pathetic.”

However, last Thursday, he was released from jail. The judge ordered him to stay away from this woman, register as a sex offender, and return to Mexico. According to the prosecutor’s office, the judge ordered him to give proof that he left for Mexico.

“Just to be cut loose with no supervision, no sex offender treatment, nobody saying, ‘Hey are you doing the right thing, what are you doing, do you have some place to stay, do you have somewhere to go, do you have a way to make money?’ Just to cut him loose on the street is a travesty,” Rose said.

He has put in a request for comment to the judge, asking why the decision was made based on the offender’s promise that he would go back to Mexico.

On Sunday, two days after being let out of jail, Carranza-Ramirez returned to the survivor’s house and violently assaulted her. According to Rose, who spoke to the survivor just before talking to me, the suspect allegedly hit her in the head with a large object, started strangling her, and threatened to murder her.

“This is a vulnerable victim who should never have had to see this guy again ever, and certainly should not have had to worry about him showing back up to her place,” Rose said.

Carranza-Ramirez fled the scene, and law enforcement is now working feverishly to track him down.

“Detectives and deputies are trying really hard to find him just because we’re in fear for the victim’s safety right now,” Abbott said. “We’ve been working with her to make sure that she’s in a safe place, so he doesn’t know where she’s at … but we need to figure out where this suspect is at and arrest him as soon as possible.”

Abbott said that the prosecutor’s office filed charges for felony assault, felony harassment, threats to kill, and felony violation of a Sexual Assault Protection Order.

Carranza-Ramirez is Latino, 35 years old, 5-foot-8-inches tall and 140 pounds, with long, dark hair.

“They think he’s in the White Center area — he’s from Tacoma, his hair is long, sometimes he wears it in a ‘man bun,'” Rose said. “So take a look at that picture, if you see anybody who even resembles him, just call 911. He’s probably still in the White Center area.”

“We just need everybody’s help, if they see him, to call 911 right away,” Abbott said. “And don’t try to contact him yourself.”

King County Prosecutor’s Office failings

What in the heck is going on with our King County Prosecutor’s Office?

A homeless man who is likely an illegal immigrant can rape a woman twice, go to jail, and then get released less than a year later — just with the condition that he register as a sex offender, have no contact with the survivor, and return to Mexico.

It’s shocking to me that a man who demonstrated such fine, upstanding moral character would violate the terms of his release. He didn’t go back to Mexico. He didn’t register as a sex offender. And he didn’t honor the no-contact order.

Once again, we are playing Human Roulette. It’s the wonderful new party game in the King County Prosecutor’s Office. You take violent repeat criminals, you slap them on the wrist — no wait, a slap would sting too much, you should kiss them on the wrist instead — and then you sit back and wait to see whose life gets destroyed. Who gets killed next? Who gets raped next? Who gets violently assaulted next?

Maybe, maybe we should take the $100 million a year we are spending on homeless services that is being eaten up by the bureaucracy of the homelessness-industrial complex, and maybe we should spend it on our prisons and on our cops and on our prosecutor’s office. Maybe we should start locking up the drug addict criminals on our streets because the $100 million a year is not doing anything for the homelessness problem. Those who want to get clean can have services, but we are paring the money way back because we are tired of seeing lives destroyed.

The homelessness-industrial complex isn’t doing anything.

Sanctuary state policy

The judge released a man who is likely an illegal immigrant who had been in jail for rape, and said, “Just go back to Mexico.” But because we are a sanctuary state and county, we are now prohibited in local law enforcement from communicating with ICE.

And so if we wanted to, as a society, say, “He’s here illegally, he’s a rapist, he’s a violent aggressor, he’s probably not the kind of guy we want in our region,” we can’t do anything about it. Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson and Dow Constantine and Jenny Durkan have stopped us. They are a bunch of sick people who have decided that the political benefits of embracing sanctuary state policy outweigh the human toll of imposing sanctuary state policy on women in wheelchairs who are getting raped.

Jay Inslee may as well have raised that blunt object and brought it down on her head himself. Bob Ferguson may as well have been the one to knock her out of the wheelchair. The same can be said for Jenny “Diversity, Welcoming, Inclusion” Durkan and Dow Constantine. Inter-cut “diversity” with the physical blows this woman was getting from a rapist who was likely here illegally.

The judge told him to go to Mexico and we had no real mechanism with which for him to comply because of the sanctuary law that Jay Inslee just signed. It’s not just Inslee. It’s this radical Democrat majority in Olympia. That’s what we’re dealing with right now.

This isn’t about political disagreement. I’ve been politically disagreeing with people for a long time. This is the first time in my life where it is apparent that the other side has become so completely morally depraved and divorced from the consequences of the decisions that they’re imposing on the rest of us, that we have a deep, dark sickness that engulfs our state.

Jay Inslee is going to be on the debate stage talking about how building solar panels is the fastest-growing job in America. He’s going to tell America how great things are in Washington. Yeah, if you’re an illegal immigrant and a rapist, things are great in Washington. He is your guy.

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