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Dori: Gary Locke wants to hide critical information on 2020 Census

The 2020 U.S. Census will add a question about citizenship status, a move that brought swift condemnation from Democrats who said it would intimidate immigrants and discourage them from participating. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

Former Governor Gary Locke is one of the people in charge of Washington state for the upcoming 2020 Census.

The Trump administration is going to bring back a question that was on the census 70 years ago: “What is your citizenship status?” Because it might be a healthy thing to know how many illegal immigrants we have.

Government consistently pushes the lie through the compliant, colluding media that illegal immigrants commit very little crime.

We just told you about the rapist who is likely an illegal immigrant who got out of jail to go assault the woman he had raped. We had the illegal immigrant who murdered Deputy Ryan Thompson. We had the illegal immigrant who tried to abduct the 14-year-old girl in Burien. We’ve had so many unsolved gang shootings involving illegal immigrants that it makes your head spin.

Politicians who tout sanctuary status ignore crucial data

When crimes are committed, I always ask law enforcement what the citizenship status was of the perpetrator. I am always told that they are not allowed to ask the question. But in the 2020 Census, they’re including it.

Gary Locke is asking us to boycott that question because it’s bad for Democrats to know how many illegal immigrants there are here.

Of course, the only way they can perpetuate the lie that illegal immigrants are all pillars of the community, as Jay Inslee tells us, is if they never tell us the status of the ones who rape and murder, who kidnap and assault. Maybe it’s 2 percent or maybe it’s 50 percent. We do not know.

But for Gary Locke to tell people that they should not do what is constitutionally required by the United States Census for political purposes — that is really interesting. The Democratic Party picks and chooses the laws. If they don’t like a law, they just choose not to follow it. I hope everyone on that side is happy and proud of a two-time rape survivor getting brutally beaten once again by her rapist.

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