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Fatal collision: Semi truck vs Volkswagen Beetle snarls traffic in Graham

A semi collided with a Volkswagen Beetle Tuesday afternoon, snarling traffic through Graham, Wash. Two people inside the car died.

The incident happened at 244th Street and SR 161 (Meridian) in Graham, Washington. SR 161 was shut down at 244th Street as an investigation into the collision continued.

When emergency crews arrived on the scene, the Volkswagen was engulfed in flames.

According to Washington State Trooper Johnna Batiste, the Volkswagen was traveling south on SR 161, as the semi was traveling north. The car attempted to make a left turn onto 244th Street East when the two vehicles collided.

The Graham crash was the third major and fatal traffic collision in Western Washington Tuesday.

A woman was on her way to a funeral in Kitsap County when her car crashed near Highway 3 earlier on Tuesday. Her family members were in a car behind her and witnessed the fatal incident. Bremerton fire says the woman hit two other cars before crossing five lanes of traffic and running off the road. Officials believe she may have had a medical incident that caused her to lose control of her car.

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