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Mason’s delegation loves Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame)

Every night at 8:45 on KIRO Nights we spin The Wheel of Segments. Sometimes it lands on “Question of the Day,” “Unpopular Opinion,” or “Rank ‘Em!” (“Rank ‘Em!”)

But there is one spot on the wheel that listeners seem to get more excited about than all the others: “Delegation Representation.” It’s our Plinko. And last night, the wheel struck gold … well, Diamond.

Race is hard to talk about. But we need to have the conversations. It’s so important to know about other “delegations” (as Gee calls it) different life experiences so we can have a broader and more full view of the human experience and what life is like for people who aren’t exactly like us.

So on KIRO Nights, we take the unique spot we’re in to do what we do best: have fun! Yes there are serious issues that deserve serious discussion and we do that, too.

But when the wheel says it’s time for some Delegation Representation, we think it’s a great opportunity to have a little fun with each other and approach our differences from a place of love and respect … even if that means standing up for Neil Diamond.

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