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Seattle adding 9 streateries, 3 more parklets

Seattle has started a parklet program that converts parking spaces into park space. According to RethinkX, driverless cars will cause a "land bonanza" to convert soon-to-be parking spaces into usable features. (File photo)

First it was parklets and now Seattle is getting streateries &#8212 or parking spots-turned-sidewalk cafes.

As an extension of the city’s parklet program, which allows for the conversion of a street parking spot into a mini-park, nine new streateries will be added to neighborhoods this year, according to the city.

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Streateries are like parklets except a sponsoring restaurant or bar can operate the space as a sidewalk café, providing space exclusively for their customers during their open hours of business. When the bar or restaurant is closed, the space will function as a parklet, open to everyone.

“The addition of these parklets and streateries will add to our city’s vibrant and active street scene,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “We look forward to seeing more of these community gathering spots that support neighborhood businesses throughout the city.”

Three of the streatery projects will convert existing parklets to streateries.

“These parklets and new streateries are community and business driven,” said Seattle Department of Transportation Director Scott Kubly. “We’re thrilled to see neighborhoods joining together to activate public space for better livability and economic vitality.”

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