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Dori: Out-of-control Portland Antifa sends Andy Ngo to ER with brain bleed

Police at a 2017 Portland Antifa protest. (Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

If you were to find Seattle’s city twin, it would either be San Francisco, where the homelessness is just as bad as Seattle, or Portland, where the violent Left have taken over the streets.

I don’t know how Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has not been kicked out of office yet. In my opinion, Wheeler should be personally sued for his failure to uphold any lawlessness in Portland over the weekend.

If you are at all active on social media, you no doubt have seen what happened in Portland this weekend. Independent and conservative-leaning journalist Andy Ngo often tracks the violence of extremist Left-wing group Antifa. But what happened to him this weekend was worse than any of the heckling or verbal threats he has gotten in the past at these sorts of clashes.

One of the things that the Antifa crowd did to Ngo was called “milkshaking.” It’s a new fad to throw milkshakes at people you disagree with politically. But these weren’t just any milkshakes. They were not made of milk and ice cream. It was allegedly quick-drying cement in cups being thrown at this guy.

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It’s also worth noting that even though he is a conservative, Andy Ngo is gay, an Asian-American, and is rather small in stature. If a petite, gay, Asian man were attacked at a Trump rally, it would be on the front page of every paper, it would be the lead story of CNN, and we would all hear about it nonstop for weeks. But because Ngo is a conservative journalist who tracks Left-wing violence, the story gets buried.

As they said they would do on Twitter, Antifa targeted him; he ended up in the ER with a brain bleed. They stole his camera equipment and sprayed him with silly string. Then they cheered as he was being tended to by people who could help him get to the hospital.

In another notable incident, an older man was attacked by these Left-wing thugs with a crowbar. They cracked his head open; he had blood streaming down his face. When another man came in to help him, they took a crowbar to him and cracked his head open.

I told you last week about the young man who randomly sucker-punched a waitress by Voodoo Doughnuts on the streets of Portland. He shattered her eye socket. He was given just a misdemeanor and released, when he could have been charged with attempted murder.

This is what happens when you have politicians who turn over the streets to the biggest thugs among us, and when you have a media that tries to spin everything in favor of one side. For example, CBS news wrote that the “Right-wing Proud Boys clashed with Antifa.”

Why wouldn’t you call them the “Left-wing Antifa?” That’s what they are. Where they fall on the political spectrum is every bit as relevant as where the Proud Boys fall. But that’s not the way the media operates. The media will label everyone they can “Right-wing,” while leaving off any similar designation for those on the far Left, because they think that it will help their party. The Democrat Party is clearly the party of the national media, for the most part.

And so it’s very sad to see what’s going on in Portland, our sister city in so many ways. Where were the cops as people were getting cracked in the skulls with crowbars? If somebody is swinging crowbars, it’s time that you use real force. They could kill someone with that crowbar. And if that means that you have to use lethal force — well, that’s how you stop a crowbar from swinging.

I hope it never gets down to that. But if the cops won’t, the other side will. We’re going to keep seeing this chaos, and it’s growing rapidly in these Left Coast cities.

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