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Dori’s special message for Jay Inslee: Come back on show, be real with us

Dori wants to get back to the days when he and Jay Inslee were friendly. (Photo: Corky Trewin)

Dori wondered where Jay Inslee was after the Democratic debates, noticing that news around the governor and presidential candidate was slow after Inslee dropped to zero in a CNN poll.

It has been years since Dori and the governor played basketball together, and although Dori has been critical of Inslee during that time, the talk show host wants to initiate a spirit of reconciliation.

“I want to mend fences. And I want to see if I can start talking some sense into the governor. If a Democrat beats Trump in 2020, Inslee will angle to get a cabinet position in D.C. Bob Ferguson and Dow Constantine are two of the most despicable politicians I’ve seen, and they are unfortunately the two frontrunners for governor if Inslee leaves the state. This is hard for me to say, but Inslee — even though he lied to the people of Washington about taxes — would be better than Ferguson or Constantine.

In all honesty, if I could just get Inslee to have a conversation, we could make so many strides. He’s a very difficult man to talk to because he just launches into filibusters. I just want him to be real with me. I want to find out why he lied to me. Was it that important to be governor? I would love to get a politician to be real about things like that, but I also recognize that it’s very challenging.

Jay’s presidential run over, according to new CNN poll

Last Friday, I had a very civil political conversation with my friend, former Governor Gary Locke. He sought us out because he disagreed with statements I had made about him in a MyNorthwest piece. We disagreed with one another, but it was still a great conversation. I will talk with everyone who disagrees with me in politics, and it usually ends up being a pretty cordial discussion.

Honestly, the reason Inslee is at zero percent right now is because he can never be real with people. Nothing he has said on the campaign trail sounds real. He keeps bringing out the same pet phrases again and again, like, ‘The Trump administration couldn’t run a two-car funeral,’ and, ‘Windmills don’t cause cancer, they cause jobs.’

When you keep reciting the same script, there is absolutely no honesty there. And the fact is, that’s where Trump excels. I don’t think Donald Trump is authentic, but I do think he is real. To the majority of his base, he talks like the kind of human being they’re used to, with that New York swagger.

I don’t know if we could ever get Jay Inslee to be real if and when we ever get him back on the show, but I would sure like to try. I’d sure enjoy the process of trying to crack that facade and get at the real Jay Inslee.”

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