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Dori: Ferguson suing Navy over NAS Whidbey jet noise just grandstanding

An EA-18G Growler. (Navy image)

As I’m getting caught up on the news stories that happened while I was gone the last couple of weeks, I see that Attorney General Bob Ferguson is up to trouble again; this time, he is suing the U.S. Navy because the flights going in and out of NAS Whidbey are making too much noise.

Ferguson is such a grandstander. He is one of the worst people in politics whom I have ever experienced. He wants to go after the military, just as he goes after anything and anyone in the political center or on the Right. Yet he will give a complete legal pass to everyone on the Left.

It’s really scary when you have an attorney general who makes decisions based on who has a D or R next to their name.

If you live on Whidbey Island, you know that there is a naval air station there. That was built into the price when you built or bought your house. If you’re in a place where jet noise is annoying, you get a discount when you buy a house.

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Above the radio station in Eastlake, the government spent tens of millions of dollars putting up these stupid sound barriers so that the freeway noise wouldn’t be as loud for residents. You know what? The freeway was there when nearly every single one of those people bought their home. That discount was factored in. Now the taxpayers have to pay $25 million for an additional sound barrier?

It’s just as ridiculous to sue the U.S. Navy for a base that has been on Whidbey Island since World War II. NAS Whidbey is the lifeblood economically of the entire island.

When I was coaching, I used to love going to games at Oak Harbor High School. What a patriotic school. They had a gigantic flag they would unfurl from the ceiling right at mid-court. During the anthem, their kids were always standing on the line, hand over heart, very patriotic.

For Fergie to be suing the Navy because of flights going in and out of a Naval air station that everyone knew was there is just another example of his ridiculous grandstanding.

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