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Jay Inslee, Lil Nas X
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Dori: Desperate Jay Inslee trying to recruit Lil Nas X, Megan Rapinoe

Jay Inslee at the first Democratic presidential debate. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

When I saw the most hilarious Tweet of all time from Inslee to rapper Lil Nas X about 10 days ago, I about lost it.

Lil Nas X was just worried about global warming and decided to write a very eloquent Tweet: “stop ittttt global warming stop! now [sic].”

Jay Inslee retweeted it with the message, “Let’s collab.”

Could Inslee have sounded any dorkier? Does he even know who Lil Nas X is?

For that matter, does Lil Nas X know who Jay Inslee is? After all, Inslee fell from 1 percent to 0 percent in the polls.

Dori’s special message for Jay Inslee

Even if he does know, I’m guessing that Lil Nas X doesn’t want anything to do with this losing presidential campaign. You’re not exactly a wagon that up-and-coming rappers want to tie themselves to, Jay.

The hits just kept coming on and on for Jay Inslee. He then declared he would ask Megan Rapinoe to be his secretary of state if he becomes president.

That’s just painful to hear. He’s just trying anything — Lil Nas, Megan Rapinoe. So, is saying that you don’t want to go to the “[expletive] White House” enough of a qualification to become secretary of state now? I can’t say that I don’t like Megan Rapinoe because I don’t know her, but I can say that I don’t like the way she presents herself to the public.

What is Jay doing? He’s down to 0 percent. Everyone says he’s angling for a cabinet post in a Democrat administration, but Trump is the favorite to get re-elected. Inslee’s second-quarter fundraising was just $3 million. Compare that to the other candidates: Pete Buttigieg made almost $25 million, Biden made $21 million, Elizabeth Warren made $19 million, and Bernie was at $18 million.

Jay Inslee might as well burn that $3 million, because he’ll get the exact same effect from it all.

And then there was Howard Stern. I love listening to the Howard Stern Show when I’m driving. There’s a reason why he’s at the top of his industry — he knows what he’s doing. But I can’t believe he said this.

Howard, please. You do a darn fine show. But don’t go talking about Jay Inslee to the rest of America like he could seriously be president.

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