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Tim Eyman chair
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Tim Eyman agrees to stay away from Office Depot after alleged chair theft

Eyman shortly after purchasing a new chair from Office Depot. (Tim Eyman)

Local anti-tax activist Tim Eyman reached a deal related to a February incident, where it was alleged he stole a $70 chair from Office Depot.

Tim Eyman breaks silence on alleged office chair theft

The Seattle Times reported that the deal was filed Tuesday, dismissing the theft charge provided Eyman doesn’t run afoul of the law again. It also enacts a nine-month ban from Office Depot.

Eyman agreed to the “accuracy and admissibility” of the police report, a classification that does not equate to an admission of guilt. The original charge would have carried a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Eyman declined to comment on the agreement, The Times reports.

The original incident happened shortly before noon on February 13 at the Office Depot at 602 Sleater-Kinney Road Southwest. Video appears to show Eyman sitting in an office chair inside the front entrance of the store. When the automatic doors open, Eyman can be seen leaving, taking the chair with him to the parking area.

Dori: Tim Eyman’s chair explanation is bizarre

The clerk who helped Eyman told police he helped him return a printer that was purchased at the Bellevue store in return for two other printers. The clerk helped Eyman carry the printers out to his vehicle on a dolly but was stopped short of the vehicle. Once outside, Eyman told the clerk “I’ve got it from here,” the police report from the incident reads.

In the ensuing days, Eyman called the incident a “huge misunderstanding,” claiming that he was preoccupied with a phone call, and didn’t realize he hadn’t purchased the chair.

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