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Dori: Suspect in random Auburn stabbing had 44 prior convictions


On Tuesday, we told you about the repeat offender who threatened people with a knife at Westlake Park at 6 p.m. on a Friday evening, and had to be tackled by a citizen until police arrived. KIRO 7 TV’s Amy Clancy, who reported that story, uncovered another story of random violence in Auburn by another revolving-door criminal.

A guy was sitting at a bus stop in Auburn when all of a sudden, a complete stranger came up yelling that the guy waiting for the bus had stolen his phone; the stranger then allegedly attacked him. The guy at the bus stop initially thought that the stranger had punched him in the back, but soon realized that the pain was more intense and that he was bleeding.

He had been randomly stabbed while sitting at the bus stop.

The victim suffered a pneumothorax, or collapsed lung, from the stabbing, and was transported to a trauma hospital.

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Auburn police responded and identified the suspect, who has now been charged in King County Superior Court, as Kinta Kunta Hollins. Hollins has been arrested 76 times in the past, and convicted 44 of those times; he has 35 misdemeanors and nine felonies, including assault, burglary, malicious mischief, and taking a motor vehicle.

Seventy-six arrests. Forty-four convictions. And he was walking free.

Our prosecutors will not do anything but keep turning the revolving door. They keep letting these people back out onto the streets. The only time we will ever lock them up is if they kill or rape somebody.

Maybe if they stab somebody, we could lock them up for some length of time? If you have 44 convictions and then you stab somebody in the back, can I suggest that perhaps you should be removed from society? Maybe, just maybe, we should have a habitual offender law that could permanently remove these people from society and place them behind bars for residents’ safety.

It’s another example — and it’s absolutely mind-blowing — of how many cases we’ve had of people with 50, 60, 70 priors who are out stabbing people, assaulting people, and committing sex crimes against people on the streets of our region.

That is on the politicians, the prosecutors, and our understaffed police departments, which is on leadership.

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