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Jay Inslee, security detail
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Dori: Security detail for Inslee’s ego trip campaign costing us millions

(Ted Warren / AP)

Jay Inslee’s security detail is costing us millions of dollars as he continues to gallivant around the country in his ego-fueled run for the presidency. Gary Horcher at KIRO 7 TV had a story about how much Inslee’s protection unit is costing taxpayers.

Inslee’s campaign went from an escort of eight Washington State Patrol troopers and one sergeant in the beginning to 14 troopers, two sergeants, and one lieutenant now.

Do you think that our roadways could maybe use those cops a little bit better than Jay Inslee could?

It’s an impossible presidential run that he’s on. In the first poll after the second Democratic debate, he is once again at zero percent. Even Marianne Williamson is ahead of him. He has no chance.

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So because of this losing presidential race that is amounting to little more than an ego trip, he’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars with his security detail, and taking cops who could be protecting us off the roads. It’s all for absolutely nothing.

Not to mention, the so-called green candidate is burning up fossil fuels by flying all of these troopers around the country as he campaigns.

In March, we paid troopers $82,000 in overtime to escort Inslee around the country. Inslee racked up $267,915 in overtime for his security detail between March and June. Of course, that’s just in overtime pay — that doesn’t even begin to take into account the troopers’ lodging and transportation costs.

In Montana, where a Democrat governor, Steve Bullock, is running for president, their attorney general — a Republican — ordered Bullock to pay the taxpayers back for his security detail out of his campaign funds. But of course, we could never expect a similar action from Washington State Attorney General Ferguson, who will do anything he can to protect his cronies on the Left.

This failing campaign all about Jay Inslee’s ego. When will he drop out?

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