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Rantz: Clueless Jay Inslee thought Antifa was a person in gibberish interview

Antifa counter-protesters in Portland. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee doesn’t appear to know what Antifa is, despite the group leading headlines in the Pacific Northwest.

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Conservative student activist group Turning Points USA asked Democratic presidential nominees if he would condemn Antifa, a violent group of masked-thugs that believe all Republicans are Nazis. If you call them out for their violence, Antifa members and their supporters stupidly claim you must support fascism.

Over the weekend in Portland, they turned to mass violence to try and intimidate right-wing groups (Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, etc) and Portland law enforcement.

When asked if he would condemn Antifa, Inslee was clueless as to what — or who, apparently — Antifa is.

“Tell me about Antifa. Tell me who Antifa is so I can tell you if that person should be condemned or not,” Inslee told the Turning Point representative. As the TP representative started to explain, Inslee pretended to understand.

“Oh, you’re talking about the movement! I was thinking you were thinking of an individual,” he responded.


King Co. Democrat leader pushes dangerous conspiracy for Antifa

This would be his “What is Aleppo” moment but Inslee is polling so low, no one in the national media particularly cares.

He then managed to speak in near-gibberish..

“I condemn violence of anyone against this community particularly because it has been totally victimized in so many different ways,” said Inslee. “You have the strongest hate crime laws in the United States. I don’t know exactly this organization you’re referring to but if it’s what I’m thinking of, then yes.”

It’s alarming for Inslee to be so out of touch. Just last week, President Donald Trump indicated his administration would look into designating Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. How is it on Trump’s radar but not Inslee’s? Seattle and Portland have been two hubs for their thuggish violence.

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