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Dori Monson beating Jay Inslee in landslide in governor’s poll

A gubernatorial debate between Jay Inslee and Dori Monson would likely look something like this. (File photo)

Remember how poll after poll, Jay Inslsee stayed at zero percent throughout his presidential campaign? Time and time again it was the same. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

But for the first time in months, Jay Inslee is showing signs of life in a campaign — the first Washington governor’s poll of its kind.

Will Dori Monson challenge Jay Inslee for governor in 2020?

We posted the poll on the Dori Monson Show Facebook page. The question was very simple — “Who would you pick for governor in 2020 if it were down to Jay Inslee and Dori Monson?”

We got a tremendous response. Over 5,300 people voted.

I got 98 percent of the vote, with 5,200. Jay Inslee is at 2 percent with 118 — but that’s infinitely better than the zero percent he was at throughout his presidential run.

I will acknowledge, seeing as this was on my show’s Facebook page, that these may not be scientifically valid. But as of right now, Jay Inslee has some catching up to do in the 2020 Washington governor’s race.

There’s still time to add your voice to this political process — head on over to our Facebook page and cast your vote this weekend.

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