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Seattle is one of the worst cities to drive in

Source: WalletHub

We’ve all known that driving in Seattle is not easy, or efficient, or reasonable, or enjoyable … in short, driving in Seattle is a painful ordeal. It’s akin to being forced to watch the movie Avatar over and over again. Despite all the money thrown at it, and all the polish, it’s still a terrible, overrated experience.

But I digress. Now there’s some more data to drive this point home. WalletHub ranks Seattle has the 7th worst city in the United States to drive in.

10 best cities to commute to Seattle from

WalletHub put experts to the task of ranking America’s top cities, determining the nation’s best and worst driving communities. The Seattle area comes in at No. 7, just ahead of Los Angeles.

That’s right. Seattle ranks in the company of Washington DC, San Francisco, and New York — all in the top 10 worst cities to drive in. This news comes shortly after it was revealed (officially revealed as we all have known this for years) that the local commute ranks in the top five drive times that grew the worst between 2007 and 2018.

And side note: It is perhaps a very telling and ironic statement about the evolution of transportation that the absolute worst city to drive in is Detroit — the Motor City.

Breaking things down a bit:

  • Seattle is also found at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to highest annual hours spent in congestion per car commuter (tied for third worst with Chicago).
  • Seattle comes in second worst when it comes to highest auto maintenance costs.
  • Seattle is the 16th worst when it comes to cost of car ownership.
  • Seattle is the 10th worst city for traffic and infrastructure.
  • This is unfair, but Seattle also gets dinged for having a significant number of days with rain.

And because you’re likely wondering, Raleigh, North Carolina is the best city to drive in. This is mostly due to it’s affordable costs of owning and maintaining a car.

It took seven experts across various fields to come up with WalletHub’s ranking. They considered a range of 30 factors, including the cost of gas and owning a car, average commute times and congestion, quality of infrastructure, car theft rates, and even the likelihood of getting into an accident.

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