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Seattle council, Sawant, walkout
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Dori: Sawant’s support of climate walkout a way to encourage loser-dom

Councilmember Kshama Sawant. (JASON REDMOND/AFP/Getty Images)

Our favorite Seattle City Council member, Kshama Sawant, is at the walkout game again. This time, she has sent out a news release titled, “Councilmember Sawant urges city and state public schools to excuse students from classes.”

That’s because this Friday is the Youth Global Climate Strike. Seattle City Council has voted unanimously to support it. Now Sawant wants all the kids in all the public schools in the state to walk out of class and participate in the strike. She also wants workers in the city to be able to get an unpaid day of leave for a “day of conscience.” She wrote in a letter to the superintendent of public instruction:

After decades of inaction by corporate politicians and a recent report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change giving humanity just 12 years before surpassing a critical threshold of 1.5 Degrees Celsius of warming, young people are correct to be outraged, and they have no choice but to take action.

Let me say a little bit about this. You want to protest whatever this global climate walkout is protesting? Go ahead. You can do it after school. Go march for the planet on Saturday or Sunday. But letting kids walk out of school as an excused absence is not convincing me that they actually believe in any of this.

Dori: Kshama Sawant’s student walkout all about creating mindless, government-dependent followers

Why would a person like Kshama Sawant advocate for things like this? Socialists need to have a lot of losers in society, because that’s whom they appeal to. They appeal to the people who cannot and will not compete, the people who think they deserve the same as the most diligent among them. Everything is unfair to them. They’re all victims.

That is what socialists need. That’s why socialists are always talking ad nauseam about victimization. And that’s the mindset implanted in these kids taking part in this walkout.

“Hey, you want to make a political statement? Don’t do it on your own time. You want your weekends, right? You can’t take time out for a climate strike then. But school is a drag, so let’s walk out of school.”

Socialism is about dragging down the achievers. After all, that is a lot easier than lifting up ourselves. And besides, we can’t lift up ourselves — the deck is stacked against us.

Sawant is trying to incubate a culture in our schools of losers. Because the people who go to these marches are not accomplishing anything. They can think they are, but let’s be honest — a bunch of kids walking out of school on Friday isn’t going to do one thing. Oh, except it might produce a bigger carbon footprint than if they were sitting in school, since a bunch of them will probably drive to the march.

This is a foundational necessity of socialism. You’ve got to start encouraging loser-dom at as young of an age as possible. School is worthless compared to walking down the street — or, far more likely, telling everybody you’re going to the climate strike but instead staying home and playing video games with your buddies.

Fake exhibitionism is not meaningful. Getting an education is meaningful.

If you want your kid to participate in this climate walkout, that is up to you as a parent. Of this I am certain, however — the relative value of going to school and getting an education is a much better way to spend that day than walking in the streets with adults pulling your puppet strings.

But that’s a poisonous message coming from a capitalist like me.

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