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Dori: Smoke shop manager who sold drugs to kids released hours after arrest

Police found these drugs being dealt at a Maple Valley smoke shop. (KIRO 7 TV)

In Maple Valley, there were rumors circulating for a long time that a smoke shop was dealing more than just smoke.

The King County Sheriff’s Office put together a sting operation and confirmed that drugs like heroin and cocaine were being dealt out of this Maple Valley smoke shop by the shop’s manager.

By the way, the men and women in the King County Sheriff’s Office who are fighting crime do fantastic work. It’s only the leadership at the sheriff’s office that is a problem.

So this manager was arrested on Friday. But thanks to a tip we received over email from listener Lisa in Maple Valley, we know that he is already out of jail.

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I didn’t believe it at first. I know that things have gotten crazy here, but you can’t be selling drugs to children and be released that quickly. So we checked on this and got the charging documents.

It turns out it’s true. The guy who was arrested for allegedly dealing drugs to children is already walking free. The judge released him on personal recognizance, which means on his own promise to show up to court. He didn’t even get bail.

How insane have we gotten around here?

Now we have to hope that this guy will show up to his court dates, but there’s no guarantee.

King County — you can sell drugs to children and walk free hours later, because we don’t consider supplying kids with potentially deadly drugs to be a very serious crime.

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