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climate change strike
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Dori: Climate change strike a way to raise hype and money

Students in the Puget Sound protest climate change in March of 2019. (AP)

I’m on a climate change strike — a strike from having anything to do with the worldwide Climate Change walkout that students all over the city are participating in.

In Seattle, this means that people in one of the most liberal regions in our country are calling on our local leaders to do even more for the environment.

A parent sent me a letter that his child’s Seattle school sent home for parents. They labeled the climate change strike a school field trip, meaning that partaking in it was mandatory. The parent wrote:

That should be optional for parents to attend with their children. Those of us who want their kids to skip the protest and go to school no longer have that option. I find it chilling that they are encouraging children to make political signs to support their beliefs.

Climate expert Cliff Mass finds ‘technical flaws’ in ‘unreasonable’ climate study

This is about indoctrinating our children. It is forcing them to take part in an event that is by definition political. And we know this is about money, because there are trillions of dollars at stake here.

A recent Seattle Times article described the devastating effects that climate change will have on our health in the coming years. It quoted a group called the National Resources Defense Council. This group did a study that wildfires caused nearly 250 deaths in Washington in the span of a year.

If you go to the NRDC website, it’s all about defending Earth from “Trump and his polluter allies.” One of the pages states, “President Trump and the Republican-led Congress are poised to wipe out crucial environmental safeguards.”

This is a group that in 2017 raised $177 million and spent $129 million. So they made $48 million profit. And how did they spend $129 million? Their president, Rhea Suh, made $534,000. Senior attorney David Hawkins made $514,000. Senior scientist Linda Greer made $408,000. And the list of six-figure salaries just goes on — click here to read it. It’s a bunch of people who are making a fortune off of donations by screaming hysterical nonsense about the climate.

University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor and climate blogger Cliff Mass told me that the NRDC is “clearly a political advocacy group.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not giving very good information,” he said.

And this is who the Times relied on for facts.

First off, Mass told me that the reporter mixed up carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and made other “basic technical errors” throughout the article. These errors were later corrected online.

The reporter also made the statement that the wildfires in our state were due to climate change.

“Global warming is probably a very small component of why we’ve had these fires lately, there’s no truth to that at all,” Mass said. “There are other origins, from suppression of fires for a hundred years, to poor management of our forests, you name it.”

Mass said that “global warming due to increased greenhouse gasses is something of concern,” but that “the hype and exaggeration is very harmful.”

He said the worst effects of climate change will be felt in the second half of the century, so there are steps we can take to mitigate the effects of heat before then — like getting air conditioning in our homes. After all, people in Phoenix and Houston survive.

“There are a lot of steps we can take to harden our lives to handle a world that’s a little bit warmer,” he said.

The climate change activists tell these apocalyptic stories of doom and gloom to our children and fill them with anxiety, making them think they have no future. And the activist schools think they have to tell your children how to think because you are not smart enough and not woke enough. But it’s all about money.

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