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Gee: Sometimes I wonder what it was like for a black man in the media in…

Sometimes I wonder what it was like for a black man working in the media in 1959. I’m quite sure there were tough times, but quitting was probably never an option.

I was called the n-word last week, this is what I learned

We’re talking 60 years ago. Back then, there were plenty of people who didn’t want him to have a voice. Why? I believe that what it came down to then, and what it comes down to now, is fear. For those who were hateful then, what were they afraid of? Equality?

Then what are they afraid of in 2019? Equality?

As you know, I’m host of KIRO Nights on 97.3 FM. This week, someone dropped off something outside the front entrance to the radio station. It was a doll, with brown skin and a couple of small notes.

One note stated: “I worked for a wealthy black family cleaning their house out. She gave me this. You don’t know who I am!”

I’m going to talk about the second note, which stated, “To G Scott everything is Racist!”

No, everything is not racist. But racism does exist. Some people, some groups, and some corporations are a lot better at hiding it today than in the past. Only a small percentage of people in our country don’t believe in equality, but you only hear the squeaky wheel.

Today, it’s not enough to be “not racist.” We must become anti-racist. And that means we must address racist laws and policies that have been, and are, in place. We must address people and groups promoting harmful, racist ideas.

Back to the point. If the purpose of this doll is to find out why I bring up race on the air, ask yourself where this conversation started in the first place. Trust me, I and so many people wish that race wasn’t an issue. It’s an ugly thing in our country and something that continues to be addressed. And this action proves it.

I’ll leave you with this:

“With ignorance comes fear — from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance.” – Kathleen Patel

Some people don’t get the benefit of the doubt

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