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John Curley’s adventures falling off the stage at an auction

(Photo by Matthias Wagner, Unsplash

For those unfamiliar, KIRO Radio’s John Curley occasionally talks really fast as a professional auctioneer when he’s not speaking at a normal pace on the radio. This past weekend he was doing a bit of auctioneering for charity when the stage unfortunately got the best of him.

“One of my favorite auctions is Cocoon House because I’ve been doing Cocoon House for, like, 11 years. They were the first people ever to ever hire me,” he said. “Normally they have a really long runway for me. But the event was sold out and they didn’t have any room. They had more tables in so they cut my runway short. And I jump around a lot, so I’m used to having a longer runway.”

“So did you take a long walk off a short pier?” co-host Tom Tangney asked, pretending to be concerned.

That’s when the inevitable happened.

“This thing is like four and a half feet high, and I just stepped right off and flew down onto the ground. I almost hit the VIP table and you could hear suddenly the silence in the room as I hit the ground,” he said.

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But Curley is nothing if not the consummate professional, and quickly rose again triumphant.

“Then I had to pop up and jump back on stage and act like it was part of the act when obviously that’s not part of the act,” he joked. “It would be like the bullfighter getting horned and thrown up into the crowd and saying, ‘Hey folks! Ignore the giant wound in my side.'”

“I felt like a cartoon character where your body falls and then your head gets really long. Then I was walking like an accordion for awhile.”

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Unlike a cartoon character, Curley now has a giant bruise all the way down his leg. Still, he has one request for the auction attendees.

“If anybody has any video, I’d love to see it.”

Us too.

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