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Star Search: Chopper 7 scopes out Macy’s roof for AWOL holiday decoration

On the way back from a live shot over Monday’s gas leak in the University District, Chopper 7 made a slight detour to recon the roof of the downtown Macy’s department store in search of a wayward holiday icon.

When Macy’s announced earlier this month that the store will close in early 2020, it was also revealed that the downtown holiday star would not be displayed this holiday season. The old star, a Seattle tradition since the 1950s, is in need of repair, a Macy’s spokesperson said. Macy’s has declined to reveal the current whereabouts of the star, as well as share specific information about what repairs are necessary.

Anonymous photos shared by a KIRO Radio listener over the weekend appear to show pieces of the star on the roof of the building.

Several KIRO Radio listeners and other community members have expressed disappointment over the loss of the star. Many also expressed hope that a solution could be found whereby the old star could return for Macy’s final holiday season in downtown Seattle, as well as continue to be displayed on the building during future holiday seasons, too.

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