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WA GOP chair: Kim Wyman challenger Jeff Winmill is a ‘hack lawyer’

Secretary of State Wyman. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

Secretary of State Kim Wyman has a challenger in lawyer Jeff Winmill, someone who Washington state’s Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich calls a “Democratic Party hack.”

Heimlich joined the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to discuss why Winmill doesn’t belong anywhere near that position of power.

“His most recent job in 2018, he worked for the Washington State Democratic Party, and prior to that, he worked for two Democratic presidential campaigns,” Heimlich said. “He is literally a Democratic Party hack lawyer. He’s been employed by campaigns or by the state Democratic Party to try to manipulate elections to try and make sure that Democrats win.”

“So he is literally one of the most biased people on earth and he’s running to be an elections administrator who’s supposed to be fair and impartial. He has absolutely no elections experience. He’s never worked for a county auditor, never worked for the secretary of state. He’s always worked for the Democratic Party or their candidate.”

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Heimlich believes this presents a stark contrast to Kim Wyman, whose background before taking office he says was not at all troubling and whose record has been primarily nonpartisan in nature.

“So you contrast that with Kim Wyman — who was elected as a nonpartisan county auditor in Thurston County — has been elected secretary of state and then re-elected. She has a real reputation for being a fair administrator, a fair arbiter,” he said. “Those are the type of people that we want leading the elections Department, not party hacks.”

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With voters concerned about the elections process, Heimlich believes Wyman is necessary to ensure voter rules remain impartial and fair, and that Winmill would reverse any progress that’s been made toward that end.

“Kim is doing everything she can to clean up the voter rules. Obviously, we need to get Republican majorities in the House and the Senate so we can pass some common sense legislation to make sure we’re insuring one person equals one vote,” he said. “But putting Jeff Winmill in charge of our elections in Washington state is literally putting the fox in charge of the hen house, and it would be incredibly biased and unfair for years to come.”

“One more thing on Jeff. If you go to his website, it’s all about President Trump. You’d think he was running for president just like Jay Inslee. The Democrats want to campaign on what’s happening back in Washington, D.C., they don’t want to talk about what’s happening here in Washington state. That’s really all they have.”

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