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Rantz: Illegal immigrant rapist offered more protections than Washingtonians

ICE Seattle Field Operations Director Nathalie Asher speaks during a media briefing in September, condemning sanctuary policies. (Aaron Granillo/KIRO Radio)

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped twice by a homeless man suspected of being in this country illegally. This rapist is treated the same as a DREAMer and offered more protections than we give Washingtonians. It’s a position forced on us by Washington Democrats. It’s disgusting, dangerous and wrong.

Rantz: Police chief won’t comply with dangerous sanctuary state law

Rene Maya-Estrada was arrested and charged for the rape in the first degree by King County prosecutor Dan Satterburg.

Maya-Estrada was found with a Mexican passport and may have been subject to deportation proceedings back in 2005, court documents show. He was homeless at the time and admitted to police he had raped the girl.

The girl’s family, according to court documents, had originally taken Maya-Estrada into their home to help him get his life back together.

Maya-Estrada is alleged to have held a knife at the side of the young girl, punched her in the face, forced her into her bedroom where he had her remove her clothes, before raping her. When he suspected her family members were coming home, he had her put her clothes back on before bringing her to the apartment complex’s laundry room, where he allegedly raped her a second time. She eventually was able to escape and call the cops. Days later he was arrested and is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.

He’s treated the same as a DREAMer and better than an American

If he’s in this country illegally, keep this in mind: Washington Democrats that pushed a sanctuary state bill that treats this monster the exact same way they’d treat a DREAMer, brought to this country as a 4-year-old, working hard, getting an education and job, and contributing to their neighborhood. To Washington Democrats, that DREAMer with no criminal record is owed the same protection from deportation as a rapist.

When President Donald Trump said Mexico sends rapists and drug dealers to this country, Democrats angrily condemned the speech. Only, they apparently believe all illegal immigrants should be offered the same special treatment.

I don’t.

And by pretending there should be no legal difference between the conduct of a rapist and a DREAMer, as it relates to deportation, Democrats are saying very clearly that they care more about criminal illegal immigrants than they do American citizens.

Democrats here won’t even allow us to turn over criminal illegal immigrants to ICE after they’re released from custody, complying with detainer requests, which puts criminals back on the streets. This endangers us all. We’re offering the criminal more protections from justice than we are American citizens from his future crimes.

I believe we should run to protect illegal immigrants whose only crime is being here illegally. I also believe we should run to deport criminal illegal immigrants. This is not a controversial position — unless you’re a progressive extremist that doesn’t believe in immigration laws.

Rantz: After illegal immigrant murders deputy, Dems push sanctuary state

This Federal Way rape comes just months after an illegal immigrant, Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, raped and assaulted a wheelchair-bound woman in White Center. He was able to retraumatize his victim because Washington officials won’t cooperate with ICE in deporting monsters out of our country.

I don’t believe a large percentage of illegal immigrants are as evil as Estrada may be. Not even close. I think the vast majority are like the DREAMers we hear about in the news. I don’t think we should protect monsters from deportation. I think we should protect individuals who are contributing to our communities and who aren’t breaking any laws. It’s one reason why I’m not a Democrat.

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