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Candy: Tell me I’m wrong! Bothell High School football should forfeit 2 seasons

Bothell High School. (Northshore School District)

Bothell High School football has a hazing tradition called the “Rape Squad,” where players hold someone down and fondle them and let their fingers “explore,” as originally reported by The Seattle Times. Two investigations were launched, it was called “horseplay,” and police won’t pursue criminal charges.

People were not happy when I said, “This is not horseplay, this is sexual assault.”

3 things I’ve learned since then:

1. Men have reached out saying, “Candy you are stupid, you don’t get it because you’re a woman, these things happened to me, they are locker room horseplay, no big deal.” If you were one of the men who sent me a message like that, I’m sorry that your coach, your principal, your friends, and your parents failed you. You were a victim of sexual assault. Find a professional to talk to.

2. Parents of Bothell High School reached out and some said, “It wasn’t a big deal, everyone is overreacting over the RAPE SQUAD.” To those parents, I hope your son doesn’t come to you saying he needs a lawyer one day because a girl he decided to take advantage of “overreacted” because hey, he was just messing around.

3. Other parents at Bothell High School said they had no clue this Rape Squad was being investigated and that Bothell has a very pro-sports environment where the athletes are treated like they “do no wrong.” If that’s you, please send an email to the principal Juan Price and ask a few questions like “When were you planning on having a meeting about this hazing, bullying or sexual assault with the student body? Who are the attackers? What counseling will they and the victims be required to take? How will you ensure student safety moving forward? What punishment will the coaches face?” I’m sure you can think of other questions you can ask the Principal Price.

But maybe they’re right. The staff should hold their head high and be proud to work at Bothell High School. Let’s just forget about the whole tradition of the Rape Squad and talk about what’s important. I hear the Bothell Cougars could make state this year if they win the big game on Thursday.

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