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Seattle rain
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Seattle’s streak of dry weather will soon be followed by near-constant rain

Despite the fact that November is typically one of the wettest months of the year for the Seattle area, rain has been scarcely seen as we’ve gotten clear of Halloween.

Rainy weather and dark skies overtake Puget Sound for foreseeable future

As Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw points out on Twitter, Seattle’s last rainy day was on October 25. As of Monday, that will mark 10 consecutive days without rain, a streak likely to continue at least through Friday of this week.

Don’t get too comfortable with this recent run of dry weather, though, with University of Washington climate scientist Cliff Mass predicting a return of rain for the entire Pacific Northwest by the weekend.

“Dry periods extended into the first week of November is[sic] not that unusual in western Washington and Oregon, but for it to continue into the second and third week would be extraordinarily unusual. And this won’t happen this year,” Mass said in a recent blog post.

Starting on Saturday, Nov. 9, rain is in the forecast for the Seattle area for at least 10 straight days, with temperatures hovering between the low 40s and low 50s for much of that period.

That will likely become the new normal for the better part of the next three months, with November, December, and January holding the distinction of being the rainiest months of the year for the Puget Sound region.

While rain has disappeared for the last week and a half, frigid weather recently moved in to take its place, with reported lows under 30 degrees in parts of the Puget Sound region last week. Other parts of the region even saw temperatures dip below 20 degrees.

Frigid weather sees coldest October day for Seattle in years

That marked the coldest weather we’d seen since early-March, with Seattle getting its coldest October morning in over a decade.

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