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Prolific offender allegedly pulls knife on Shingletown Saloon employee

The Shingletown Saloon. (Shingletown Saloon on Facebook)

For employees of Shingletown Saloon on Market Street in Ballard, one repeat criminal on the street is causing an atmosphere of fear.

According to KOMO 4, Patrick Kindness has had over 100 convictions in the past year.

“We’ve had multiple problems with him for about a year, and as of the last handful of months, he’s gotten very destructive to all the businesses,” Shingletown Saloon owner Dan Murphy said. “I kind of watch him go up and down the street, stopping at all the businesses and trying to see what he can break or kick over, or who he can harass.”

Murphy has started coming into work on his nights off to ensure the safety of his employees.

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One night, while waiting for police after another harassment incident with Kindness, the criminal came back and threatened a female employee, bar manager Christin Edwards, with a weapon.

“He pulled a knife and went right toward her,” Murphy described.

But even when police came and arrested Kindness, he did not remain in jail very long; he was back on the sidewalk in front of the bar later that night, as evidenced by a photo the bartenders took through the window. Edwards told Murphy that she heard Kindness tell passersby on the sidewalk that he had just gotten out of jail.

The same night, Kindness reportedly threatened employees at a different bar, promising to return with a firearm.

Now Murphy and his staff members are thinking about getting a restraining order against Kindness, who has been in and out of jail 10 times this year.

“The three days that he was off the street [in jail one time], we felt amazing, to know that we were a little safer at night,” Murphy said.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office promised earlier this week to get back to Murphy. So far, he has not heard anything.

In the meantime, however, he worries that violent threats could turn into violent actions. Murphy warns other Ballard residents and workers to watch out for the repeat offender.

“You don’t know when he’s going to flip his lid and do something serious,” he said. “It’s too bad that we have to wait for something like that to actually happen … Every single day, he seems like he could potentially hurt somebody.”

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