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I-5, throwing concrete, Everett
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Hero who stopped man from throwing concrete at cars on I-5 speaks out

I-5 from Everett to Marysville. (Chris Sullivan, KIRO Radio)

We’re hearing for the first time from a man who stopped another man from throwing concrete blocks at passing cars in Everett. Jacob Marshal was driving southbound on I-5 Saturday afternoon when he says his car was targeted.

“A gentlemen standing on the side of the road threw a chunk of concrete at my truck, right at my windshield; luckily he missed me but he hit the car next to me.” Marshal told the Candy, Mike and Todd Show.

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Marshal pulled over and saw a man on the shoulder go after that car with a trailer hitch. He knew he had to act, so he pulled out his pistol and ran over, reports KIRO7.

“I am a concealed weapon carrier. I pulled out my pistol and went running back because he was already smashing the windshield with a trailer hitch, smashed out a back window, and was attempting to smash her side passenger window out as I ran back and told him to get on the ground,” he said.

“He jumped up, tried grabbing my pistol and him and I went to scraping it out a little bit. He was all covered in blood and was making no sense at all,” he said.

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Marshal says he didn’t have to use his gun, but was prepared to. “If he would have swung the trailer hitch at me, yes I would have shot him.”

After a scuffle with the man, Marshal says law enforcement arrived and took him into custody.

“He told me he wanted to end it, and I told him, ‘Well you’re going to kill somebody else in the process, and you’re saying you want to end it and yet you dropped to the ground.’ He didn’t want to end it that bad. I would say he was more under the influence of drugs and alcohol at that time than a mental illness.”

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