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Candy: You don’t understand the word ‘offended’

Why is there a dairy cow on a Chick-fil-A float? I'm offended. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

We don’t understand the definition of “offended” anymore. Tell me I’m wrong.

“He said this, get him off the air!”

“She did that, she should be tossed off the team.”

“He joked about this, ban that show!”

Cancel culture is rampant, but why?

Your religion doesn’t allow vaccinations, so our public school doesn’t allow your child. I’m offended you don’t respect my religious beliefs! No you’re not offended, you’re upset you are not getting your way, which you believe is the only way.

You don’t stand for the National Anthem because it doesn’t represent the country you love right now. I’m offended you are not patriotic! No you’re not offended, you’re confused on why someone has a different reaction to a historic symbol.

The definition of offended: Resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult.

There it is: Perceived insult. Oftentimes the actions of others has absolutely nothing to do with us but we make it about us, we jump to the word “offended,” when should be asking ourselves, why would someone say that?

Here’s a modern solution for a modern problem: If you’re offended, you are not allowed to publicly post anything online for 24 hours, it should be a law, maybe a cute pop up window: “Are you sure you are not scared, fearful, confused, emotionally wounded, vexed? Your accounts have been paused for 24 hours while you think about it.”

We don’t understand the definition of “offended” anymore. Tell me I’m wrong.

A Chick-fil-A food truck will remain at Oregon high school football games despite protests of people saying, we’re offended that the company makes donations to organizations that are overtly against gay marriage. No, you are not offended, you are fearful that seeing the logo will inspire hate against the LGBTQ community on your high school campus. Was the hate already there before the food truck? Yes. Is that a problem for school administrators and student body to fix? Absolutely. It has zero to do with chicken and everything to do with understanding why the individual haters are lashing out. Closeted gays? Maybe. Problems at home? Probably. Victims of bullying? Obviously. Side note, Chick-fil-A announced they are considering ending the donations to organizations that are overtly against gay marriage as a corporation. READ AS: We’re not going to stop. A board member will make donations privately, duh.

My point is, before you hate-post and scream from the mountain tops: “I’M OFFENDED!” consider the definition of offended and consider a little understanding over contempt.

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