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Seattle area retailers could run out of Christmas trees weeks before holidays

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

If you want a real Christmas tree this year, you may want to get it soon.

There is a nationwide shortage of premium seven to eight foot trees this year. Back in 2008, growers planted fewer trees due to the recession and rising popularity in artificial trees, reports CBS.

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Leo Van Hollebeke owns Donna’s Trees in Seattle and Bothell. He says they will likely run out a few weeks before Christmas.

“The shortage is real, and we and other retailers will likely run out of trees a few weeks before Christmas,” he said. “The artificial trees have made some inroads those few years and then their market share kind of stabilized. A lot of growers were kind of worried about that.”

So if you’re buying a tree early, he has some tips.

“Take it home, make a fresh cut and get it in water, even if it’s in the carport or backyard or wherever, and make another fresh cut before you put it in the house.”

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He expects the shortage to end in a few years. A number of trees have been planted in recent years, but aren’t tall enough to harvest yet.

“The trees grow about a foot a year once they’re established on the farm, and so there are plenty of trees that are four to five feet right now, but they’re three years away from being a six, seven, or eight footer.”

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